Ready for Some Sun? First, Find Your Perfect Pair of Shades

With warm weather in the forecast for most of us, it’s essential to break out the sunscreen, straw hats, and show-stopping shades. However, with the hundreds of sunglasses lining the shelves at department stores, it can be a tiresome chore to find a flattering pair — and with the kids in tow, it becomes more and more tempting to throw any old specs into your basket.

But done right, this spring and summer staple will spruce up your garb while reducing wrinkles and shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays. So, to help you stay safe and stylish as you bask under the sun, Totsy has come up with a few tips on how to find the perfect shades for your face shape.

Face Shape: Square

Frame Do: Oval or Round

We all know the saying, “opposites attract,” and even though it might not have proven accurate with those spring flings back in college, it sure holds true when buying shades. Ladies with square-shaped faces already have angles and standout features, so should opt for a softening oval or round shape. These types of specs will have you yacht-ready without sending you overboard.

Frame Don’t: Square

Square frames will highlight your angles in an unflattering way. A pair of these will make you look like an ice queen when you just want to sit pretty.

Face Shape: Round

Frame Do: Square

Your facial features are soft and flirty, but could use some oomph when it comes to edgy. Square frames will give you the angles you’re after while lengthening your face.

Frame Don’t: Too Tiny

If you’ve been considering sprinting out the door in your little girl’s glasses, you will look like a ball of sunshine (ball being the key word here). Shades that are too tiny will have the neighborhood kids comparing your head to a basketball.

Face Shape: Heart

Frame Do: Rounded Upper Corners

We know your chin can be quite the attention queen, but frames with rounded upper corners will draw admiring eyes upward. The days of the lower half of your face taking center stage are over! Can we get a round of applause?

Frame Don’t: Way too Wide

Steer clear if the shades you’re eyeing look like they will swallow the sides of your face. You don’t buy shoes two sizes too big even when they’re on sale, so don’t subject your face to this clownish fashion crime.

Face Shape: Oblong

Frame Do: Round or Square

Why the forlorn look? Even if you’ve been endowed with lengthy facial features, there are frames that will take your face from never ending to just right.

Frame Don’t: Too Tiny

If you want your face to look like it goes on forever, go for small frames. Otherwise, it’s on to bigger and better.

Face Shape: Oval

Frame Do: Anything Under the Sun

You lucky lady! Since you’re already perfectly balanced in the shape department, you can raid the shelves of your favorite shop and pick a winner – no rules or restrictions.

Frame Don’t: We said no rules, but here’s one little piece of advice: don’t go for the supersized glasses that make you look bug-eyed. Remember- everything in moderation.

-Diana Denza

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