Travel, Totsy Style: Tips, Deals, and Total Steals

We know how tedious packing can be: the never-ending checklists, last minute runs to the pharmacy to pick up extra bottles of sunscreen, and suitcases that won’t close no matter who sits on them. And traveling with the kids in tow can be an even bigger headache.

Luckily, we’ve found some travel essentials for you and your little one that will make your to-do list a little shorter and your wallet a lot fuller.  After all, who wouldn’t want to start those precious vacation days with a super sale?

Totsy is offering a Memorial Day blow-out sale, starting this Thursday, May 26th! Items are up to 75% off, so come get ready for summer with Totsy!

1.  The Carryall Tote
This vacation essential is perfect for stowing a few magazines, a pair of shades, and your tot’s beach toys. Go from beach  lounging to outdoor lunching with Alfa Bag’s canvas tote. The best part? No one will notice the sandy seashell collection you have hidden at the bottom of your bag, courtesy of your child.

Alfa Bags up to 70% off on Totsy! Sale starts May 25 – 28

2.  Books for the Bored
We’re all too familiar with antsy kids and their never ending are-we-there-yets. But don’t worry – we won’t leave you scrambling to find crayons and notepads to quiet your impatient little one. Penguin Books is offering family-friendly titles to help your tiny bookworm stay in that car seat.

Penguin Books sale starts May 27 – 30 on Totsy!

3.  Sassy Swimwear
Your babe will be swimming pretty in suits from Flap Happy Swim. With cool colors and delightful designs, he or she will be the sweetest youngster under the sun.

Flap Happy Swim up to 77% off on Totsy! Sale starts May 26-31

4.  Chic Sandals
Treat your little lady’s feet to a pair of Angels NY sandals for girls. With designs like these, she’ll walk down those foreign streets like visiting royalty.

Angels NY sandals up to 75% off on Totsy! Sale starts May 26-31

5.  Jewels for You
Hardworking moms deserve a little bling every once in a while, so add a little flair to your vacation wardrobe with a piece or two from Sophisticated Style Jewelry.

Sophisticated Style Jewelry sale starts May 27-30 on Totsy!

-Diana Denza

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