Diana’s Top 5 Picks This Weekend on Totsy

After what seems like the looongest winter in history (or at least to those of us in the northeast) Totsy is honoring The Great Outdoors this weekend.  So, get out there with the family! Bike, Kite, Swim, Play and just have fun outside.

After, of course, you’ve bought these top 5 outdoor faves on Totsy :).


Kettler Adult Bikes – My family and I love to bike. Hubs and I both have bike seats on the back for the kiddos and we love to take off on nice days. Get amazing savings from Kettler on their great line of adult bikes this weekend. I’d get this one: 15” Frame Torino 24 Speed Women’s Bike  in a lovely shade called Wineberry! Because, you should still be pretty on a bike.  ITEMS UP TO 30% OFF!! Sale ends 5/24!!  http://bit.ly/e3kC9l

HQ Kites and Designs– I grew up just feet from the sandy beaches of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and one thing we loved to do growing up was fly a kite! I love this brand of authentic and fun kites w/ cool designs. Kiting is a right of passage and will create a life-long memory for your kids. I love this classic one: Eddy Hot Air Balloon.  ITEMS UP TO 42% OFF!! Sale ends 5/24!!  http://bit.ly/kP8dVy

Saturnian– I am so excited that we are offering Saturnian. It’s the kind of fun stuff your kids usually only get to play with at gym classes or at school. Now you can have your own reason to go outside and just play! My fave is the Tie Died Parachute.  ITEMS UP TO 45% OFF!! Sale ends 5/24!! http://bit.ly/ihhO2w

Quality Time Construction – Ok, by now you all know I have 2 girls – but once again, if I had a boy- I’d be addicted to all the fun things that Quality Time Construction makes. In fact, my oldest little girl would love this too now that I think of it and since I want my girls to know there’s nothing they can’t do- I guess I’m going to have to get some fun construction toys for us to play with! ITEMS UP TO 35% OFF!! Sale ends 5/24!!  http://bit.ly/kHGbB5

Baby Buns & Bunz Kidz Girl –I couldn’t help myself with this one! We have since referred to my oldest as “lovebug” even before she was born or knew she was a girl for that matter. So, I hope all you girl moms and girl aunts and just friends of little girls show love to all your little love bugs with this Ladybug Connector Swimsuit and Hooded Robe Set is a must-have by the pool this summer!  ITEMS UP TO 63% OFF!! Sale ends 5/24!! http://bit.ly/jqIH0f

Diana Heather is Totsy’s Chief Mom.  Also a member of our Mom Committee.  Connect with Diana on Facebook and Twitter!

For up-to-date info on sales and other Totsy fun, follow us on Twitter (@totsyfan, @mytotsy) or Like us on Facebook (facebook.com/totsyfan).


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