15 Free Summer Activities for Kids

You might think finding free summer activities for children is hard.  Don’t be discouraged.  All it takes is doing some research and being creative.  Free events and activities are all around us you just have to find them.  I put together a list of free summer activities to help keep kids entertained while giving your wallet a break.

Public Parks– You can’t go wrong with public parks. The kids can play on the playground, walk on the trails, run around, or have a picnic.  Some parks offer swimming and fishing too.

Wet Playgrounds – This is a public area where spraying or shooting water is provided. Most of them are in public parks so they are free!

Shopping Mall– Several malls have an indoor play area which means your kids can have fun and you can relax and watch.

Bowling Centers – Some bowling centers offer free bowling programs during the summer where kids can receive 2 free games of bowling every day. Take advantage of free bowling with the AMF Summer Unplugged and KidsBowlFree programs.

Kids Workshops -Places like AC MooreHome DepotJo-Ann FabricLakeshore Learning,Lowes, and Michaels offer kids workshops on the weekends.  These workshops allows children to build, create and decorate their own projects and take them home.

Kids Events – Several stores including Borders, Target, Walmart, and Lego offer kids events. You will find crafts, story telling, character appearances, free stuff, and more.

Movie Rentals – Redbox and Blockbuster Express always have free movie rental codes available.  Rent your kids a free movie and make them some snacks for a free theater experience.

Public Library – Reserve free books, movies, and audio from the library. Or participate in events, storytelling and more.

Festivals– Spring and summer weekends are filled with festivals. They offer free music, events, face painting, games, activities and more. Go here to find a festival near you.

Pet Store – You can always find really cool animals inside. Reptiles, fish, dogs, cats, and birds. Let you kids spend an hour watching the animals. Some pet stores offer areas where you can play with the animals too.

Tours – Tour your local firehouse, factory, business, T.V. station, post office, veterinary hospital, stadium, or anything else you can think of. It’s as simple as just asking.

Church – Some offer free vocational bible school, arts and crafts, concerts, games, ice cream socials and more.

Free Admission Day – Keep an eye out for free admission day for the zoo, museums, water parks, national parks, and sporting events. Check your local paper to stay up to date on free events in your area.

Your Own Backyard – If you have a swimming pool, trampoline, water slide, sandbox, sprinkler, or playset you are in luck.  If not, there is always frisbee, kickball, a game of tag, make an obstacle course, throw a football, create a scavenger hunt,  water toys, or anything else you can come up with.

Your Own House – Let children paint, play hide and seek, play a board game, make a tent, create with playdough, bake or cook, play dress up, or something else fun.

Do you know of a free activity I missed?  Share it in the comment section. I share free activities and events each week here at Inspiring You 2 Save. Subscribe by email for follow me on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date on free family events, coupons, freebies and more.


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