How To: Save Money with Vodka

You read correctly!  Vodka can help you save money.  Of course we aren’t talking about drinking it, although you could if you wanted to.  Anyway, vodka can be used around the household so you can save money on products.  The best part is that vodka is less toxic than some of those products on your supermarket’s shelves, so you’ll be doing the environment some good.

Keep Glass Clean: Windex is a thing of the past. Add water to vodka in a spray bottle and spritz onto your windows.  It will make it shine.  You can also take a piece of cloth, wet it with vodka and clean your eyeglasses with it.

Bye Bye bugs: Insect repellant can be filled with chemicals. recommends you  mix apple cider vinegar and drops of citronella or eucalyptus essential oil and spray the mixture on yourself or areas where you don’t want the bugs to show up.

No More Mold:  Put some vodka in a spray bottle and spray it onto the mold.  Let it soak in for a bit then wipe it clean.

Clean Clothes:  Do a spot test on the item of clothing.  If the item stays the same, spritz vodka onto the outfit.  This will keep your clothes fresh in between laundry loads and get rid of odor.  Vodka also works as a good stain remover.  Dab some on stains before throwing the item into the washer.

**Just a tip, I wouldn’t use a top shelf vodka!

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