Totsy Mom Committee: Meet Vera!

What’s your go-to fashion item?  A great pair of jeans

What’s been your favorite moment as a mom? The moments when I can see myself in my daughter are some of the greatest of my lifetime. She is mine and we are one. It’s very moving for me.

What has been your strangest pregnancy craving? I actually never had any! Rainbow sherbet from Baskin Robbins was about as crazy as I got.

Tell us what the funniest thing your kid has ever said to you.  Is there a story behind it? Natalie was talking about some boys in class and I asked if she liked one of them. She then proceeded to tell me that she had two boyfriends and she didn’t know yet who she was going to marry!! So, stop asking! 🙂

There are so many topics to cover in terms of blogging.  How do you determine which ones to focus on and which ones are off-limits? I literally only write about things that interest me. It’s my blog. It started because I wanted an outlet for expression. That is still my core belief.  Once you start writing for other people, you lose yourself.

When did you decide to take blogging seriously and why?  What sparked this? When I started actually earning on ImNotObsessed. Originally, it started as a joke, but when I saw there was potential for revenue, I dove right in.

Vera, who’s your fashion icon and why?  Does that designer fit your own lifestyle at times, or is it purely a lust affair? The only person I am absolutely obsessed with is Rachel Zoe. I DIE! Do I dress like her? No. But she certainly is inspiring.

Vera is a member of the Totsy Mom Committee.  You can visit her website here: Follow her on Twitter (@imnotobsessed) or friend her on Facebook:


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