How to: Have a Calorie Conscious Happy Hour

Whether we like it or not, swimsuit season is quickly approaching. So, if you’re trying to get rid of the winter belly you’ve developed (who isn’t?), watching what you order at the bar is essential. The good news: Totsy did the counting for you, so you can remain calorie-conscious even at Happy Hour.

Cosmopolitan vs. Dry Champagne

Winner: Dry Champagne


The Lowdown on the Showdown: We know you like to celebrate the end of the workweek in style, so why not toast the weekend with a cool glass of Champagne? Those women sipping Cosmos all night might be in their alcohol-laden glory right now, but come Saturday morning, they’ll have trouble zipping up those skinny jeans. One Cosmo can pack 250 calories depending on how it’s made, which is more than double the calorie count of a glass of champagne.  Cheers to our favorite new Friday night drink!

Long Island Iced Tea vs. Rum and Diet Coke

Winner: Rum and Diet Coke


The Lowdown on the Showdown: Don’t let the name fool you – this drink is nothing like those refreshing glasses of iced tea you drank as a kid, unless you managed to gulp down the entire pitcher in one sitting. One standard glass of Long Island Iced Tea is comparable in calories to a McDonald’s Big Mac. But if you order a Rum and Diet instead, you’ll cut almost 500 calories and a whole lot of regret.

Bloody Mary vs. Tequila Sunrise

Winner: Bloody Mary


The Lowdown on the Showdown: The Tequila Sunrise is a tempting drink, especially when you’re aching to drop everything and bask on a Caribbean island. But a Bloody Mary is red hot when it comes to the calorie count: you can get all the refreshment for approximately half the calories. At 200 calories a glass, the Tequila Sunrise is a delicious treat (treat being the key word), but if you want to be swimsuit ready, grab a 115 calorie Bloody Mary.

Coors Light Beer vs. Premium Lagers

Winner: Coors Light Beer


The Lowdown on the Showdown: If your hubby orders a pint of Coors instead of that Stella Artois he’s been gulping down for years, he’ll save almost 100 calories. Since this light beer is just as strong as its high calorie counterparts and packs a punch in the taste department, the only thing he’ll lose is his beer belly.

Try this at home: Skinny Girl Margarita


While a ladies night in complete with pedicures, chick flicks, and fruity drinks might be the relaxing escape you need, it could be disastrous for your waistline. Just one margarita can contain over 500 calories, making it easy to consume an entire day’s worth of calories and then some by the time Elizabeth and Darcy get married in Pride and Prejudice. But replace that with a glass of Skinny Girl Margarita and you’ll cut 400 calories. You’ll be saying “I do” to this tasty drink in no time.

-Diana Denza

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Live the Lichi Lifestyle

Bring on the sandals, sand, and swimsuits! Summer is almost here (despite the weird weather the Northeast is having) and we couldn’t be more excited for long weekends at the beach and catching up with old friends! But, if you are like us and haven’t gotten in swimsuit-shape yet, we have the most effective (and easy) tips for getting you summer ready:

1. Amp up the cardio!
Grab your running shoes and hit the pavement. Cardiovascular activities are the best (and quickest) ways to burn off that layer of winter weight your body is still holding on to. Aim for 30 minutes of moderate cardio exercise, six times a week, to get in optimal shape. Cardio activities we love that keep us coming back for more: spinning, Zumba, tennis, and kickboxing.

2. Eat more greens.
To rejuvenate and refresh your body, add more green produce into your diet. Leafy greens like Kale, Dandelion Greens, Watercress, Arugula, and Spinach work well in salads and give you a hefty amount of vitamin C, calcium, iron, and fiber.

3. Lay off the soda.
Stay away from the soda if you want to keep bloat to a minimum. Soda contains caffeine, which acts as a diuretic, making your kidneys work harder to get rid of the excess sugar. Instead, replenish your body with water and refresh your entire system.

4. Cut out the added sugar.
Eating foods rich in added sugar spikes blood sugar levels and hinders your body’s ability to burn fat. It also promotes inflammation in the body, which can leave you bloated and feeling lethargic. Be sure to read the labels and check for hidden sugars like high fructose corn syrup and dextrose.

5. Supplement your diet with Lichi Super Fruit!
Fusing clinically proven natural ingredients like Lychee Berry, Acai, Green Tea Extract, Cayenne pepper, and Resveratrol in a unique blend, Lichi Super Fruit promises to deliver a slimmer waistline, increased vitality, and an improved skin tone and texture. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, Lichi Super Fruit also protects you from free radicals, defending your body against premature aging.

Follow Lichi on Twitter: LichiSuperFruit

Steps to Picture Perfect Makeup!

I’m a product junkie but seriously did not know there was a specific order when applying makeup!  I came across a helpful read on that will help minimize mistakes and maximize the effect of your makeup application.  Super helpful!  Give it a try!

EYES: Applying shadow, liner then mascara first before anything else will make it easier to clean up any specks of color or mascara that falls onto the face.  You can wipe it off your face cleanly without smudging your foundation!

FACE: Start with CONCEALER that’s creamy and a shade lighter than your skin.  Use your fingers to dab onto dark circles and spots.  If there are blemishes, dab an oil-free moisturizer over the spots so that it prevents the concealer from looking cakey and dry.  Try a moisturizer with salicylic acid.

If you must use FOUNDATION, we recommend a lightweight foundation (try blending it with an oil-free moisturizer).  Use a sponge to blend onto face to minimize redness and discoloration.  Using POWDER will set the foundation and concealer.  Choose one with staying power or for that sunkissed glow, use a BRONZER on your cheekbones, T-zone and chin.  Dust lightly!  If you have shiny skin, try a transluscent, sheer powder.

BLUSH will liven up any blah complexion.  Try one shade brighter than your complexion, after all, you don’t want to look like a clown!  Use a fluffy, brush blush, making sure to blow off excess blush so no streaking shows up on your face.  Smile, locate the apple of your cheeks and lightly apply towards your temple in an upward motion.

LIPS: This goes on last so it doesn’t smudge when you’re working on the rest of your face.  Use a lip brush for precision.  If you’re like me and don’t like lipstick, go with gloss.  I love sheer formulas with just a hint of color.  Avoid the frosted gloss, which can look too 80s.

BROWS:  Keep the hairs in place by brushing it with a brow/lash comb then apply a clear brow gel.  If some areas look sparse, fill them in with a brow pencil or powder, but avoid shades that are too dark, as it will look unnatural.

Keep in mind that makeup is only there to enhance your natural beauty! 🙂

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Travel, Totsy Style: Tips, Deals, and Total Steals

We know how tedious packing can be: the never-ending checklists, last minute runs to the pharmacy to pick up extra bottles of sunscreen, and suitcases that won’t close no matter who sits on them. And traveling with the kids in tow can be an even bigger headache.

Luckily, we’ve found some travel essentials for you and your little one that will make your to-do list a little shorter and your wallet a lot fuller.  After all, who wouldn’t want to start those precious vacation days with a super sale?

Totsy is offering a Memorial Day blow-out sale, starting this Thursday, May 26th! Items are up to 75% off, so come get ready for summer with Totsy!

1.  The Carryall Tote
This vacation essential is perfect for stowing a few magazines, a pair of shades, and your tot’s beach toys. Go from beach  lounging to outdoor lunching with Alfa Bag’s canvas tote. The best part? No one will notice the sandy seashell collection you have hidden at the bottom of your bag, courtesy of your child.

Alfa Bags up to 70% off on Totsy! Sale starts May 25 – 28

2.  Books for the Bored
We’re all too familiar with antsy kids and their never ending are-we-there-yets. But don’t worry – we won’t leave you scrambling to find crayons and notepads to quiet your impatient little one. Penguin Books is offering family-friendly titles to help your tiny bookworm stay in that car seat.

Penguin Books sale starts May 27 – 30 on Totsy!

3.  Sassy Swimwear
Your babe will be swimming pretty in suits from Flap Happy Swim. With cool colors and delightful designs, he or she will be the sweetest youngster under the sun.

Flap Happy Swim up to 77% off on Totsy! Sale starts May 26-31

4.  Chic Sandals
Treat your little lady’s feet to a pair of Angels NY sandals for girls. With designs like these, she’ll walk down those foreign streets like visiting royalty.

Angels NY sandals up to 75% off on Totsy! Sale starts May 26-31

5.  Jewels for You
Hardworking moms deserve a little bling every once in a while, so add a little flair to your vacation wardrobe with a piece or two from Sophisticated Style Jewelry.

Sophisticated Style Jewelry sale starts May 27-30 on Totsy!

-Diana Denza

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Totsy Mom Committee: Meet Kristin!

What’s your go-to fashion item? I love a pair of jeans and a Disney shirt. Disney is a staple in my wardrobe.

What’s been your favorite moment as a mom? Surprising my kids with a trip to Disney World this past January. 2010 was a very hard year for us, so we decided to celebrate the new year as a family at Disney World. The kids had no idea we were going and completely freaked out. It was amazing

What has been your strangest pregnancy craving?  I didn’t really have strange cravings. I couldn’t get enough Italian Food though.

Tell us what the funniest thing your kid has ever said to you.  Is there a story behind it? One night while I was washing dishes, my 3 year old started rubbing the floor under my feet with a washcloth saying “I can’t believe you got water on the floor. I’m always having to clean up after you!” It came out of the blue.

There are so many topics to cover in terms of blogging.  How do you determine which ones to focus on and which ones are off-limits? My blog is pretty straightforward. I post Disney tips, advice, etc and money saving deals that help you get to Disney faster. I do avoid anything controversial.

When did you decide to take blogging seriously and why?  What sparked this? I started blogging seriously in Sept 2009 when I realized that people really wanted to hear what I had to say and follow my advice.

Kristin, you couponed your way to Disney.  That’s quite an accomplishment.  Before challenging yourself, did you ever think it would be as successful as it turned out to be?  What tips would you give moms who want to start couponing their way to a dream vacation? I had no idea that I would actually be able to Coupon to Disney. I kept adding days to my second vacation (the first one we couponed for) because the savings kept growing. I ended up saving $3400 for that trip! The biggest thing is that you have to be dedicated to funding your Disney trip. It’s so easy to spend that $5 on a hamburger or a toy for the kids. You have to say no and instead put that $5 in your fund instead.

Kristin is a member of the Totsy Mom Committee.  You can visit her website here: Follow her on Twitter (@couponin2disney) or friend her on Facebook.

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Baby Talk with the Founder of Lulyboo

LulyBoo products are the genius idea of Pazit Ben-Ezri, a mom of two who solved the individual napping problems of her kids with her own invention!

Now we all get to take advantage of Pazit’s creativity and some of her best products are available now on Totsy!  Shop Lulyboo on Totsy, starting tonight 9PM ET – hurry, sale ends 5/26!

Read what Pazit thinks about kids’ sleep, product invention, balancing life and, of course, Totsy!

Q: It’s so challenging for us moms to get the whole sleep thing down with babies and as you know, each child has totally different sleep issues. How did you figure out the idea of the Baby Lounge?
A: My second child, Ronnie, wanted to sleep every three hours and if we weren’t home he couldn’t fall asleep.  This is what gave me the idea to create the Baby Lounge.  With a busy family schedule I needed a cozy, familiar place were Ronnie felt comfortable and was easy enough for me to carry.  Today with my third baby, I can’t even image my life without the Baby Lounge.

Q: Are you nap schedule obsessive like me or not-so-much?
A: I’m more flexible to their needs. The beauty of the product is whether you are on a strict nap schedule or not, the Baby Lounge gives moms the liberty to meet all the demands of the day without compromising their child’s nap schedule.

Q: How do you manage to balance being a successful mompreneur and a successful mommy?  You know – the age-old work/life balance question…
A: It’s challenging because I love my family and work so much. It’s just as important to keep your family-time block in your schedule as it is to keep your work schedule. At the end of the day it all comes together for me because my team and I work to create happy moments for families.

Q: We love hanging out at the park and think the Park ‘n’ Play Mat is fab! Was that another invention that was the “mother of necessity”?
A: Yes!  The idea for the Park ‘n’ Play came when our blanket became wet from the wet grass underneath.  Not Fun!  I created a real cushion blanket with a waterproof bottom and a fun bag to carry it all.

I encourage all moms to listen to your own needs and create what makes your life easier —- I assure you, it will help someone else too!

Q: And lastly, a totally shameless question- what’s your fave thing about Totsy? 🙂
A: OHHH… I love everything about Totsy… The products, pricing, the great team, and service behind this website.

To learn more about LulyBoo!

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