Diana’s Top 5 Picks This Weekend on Totsy

It’s Friday, and you all know what that means! It’s time to sit down during Junior’s naptime and do some long-anticipated Totsy shopping!  IMHO (in my humble opinion)- I think you should start with my top five!!! Have a great weekend all!


Scribble Mats – Do you dream of taking everyone to a restaurant (a family-friendly one, of course) and actually enjoying a few minutes of peace between being seated and, well, leaving? I know I do, so I love the idea of Scribble Mats – placemats kids can color on and wipe clean and they come with the crayons!!  ITEMS UP TO 65% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/19!! http://bit.ly/ggVkt7

Eyes Cream Shades – Ok, so first, I just go crazy over the brand name! But once you feast your eyes on this line of kids’ sunglasses, you’ll be hooked like I am. I have a toddler who could totally rock this pair of Mocha Sunglasses because she gets why Rachel Zoe says it’s all about her ‘sunnies’! But even if you’re not quite ready for your little one to be a little mini-me, check out the other too-cute more kid-looking styles!  ITEMS UP TO 68% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/19!! http://bit.ly/h8KS6J

Skidders – Is it a shoe? Is it a sock? No, it’s Skidders! These skid-proof “socks” are perfect for lazy days at home on the hardwood or tiled floors. Better yet, I keep a few pair of these in my diaper bag so they’re handy for last-minute drop-ins to the play gym or a quick play date with the neighbors!  ITEMS UP TO 51% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/19!! http://bit.ly/halz5O

One90One Kids – Cutest stuff evah! Especially this grey vest! One reason this vest wins a spot on the top five is because it can be totally cool and “downtown” with a tee shirt and jeans or it could go preppy with a classic plaid button-down and chinos. Double duty- we love that!  ITEMS UP TO 56% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/19!! http://bit.ly/fdv1G0

Talkatoo – This just tugs at my “heart strings.” Sorry for the pun, but you can record a message to your little ones and they can listen to your voice all day long with Talkatoo charms. Some have clips and others can be worn as necklaces, so they’re perfect for boys and girls! My faves is this gender-neutral Multicolored Bullseye Clip Charm! I wonder if the hubs will get me one for Mother’s Day and record his voice with the girls? I’d totally carry one around.  ITEMS UP TO 41% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/16!! http://bit.ly/gvQABw


Diana is Totsy’s Chief Mom.  Also a part of our Mom Committee.  Connect with Diana on Facebook and Twitter!

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