No Ordinary Brown Bag Lunch: The Coolest Thing About Project Kool’s Canvas Bags

Most sixth graders worry about math and whom they should sit with during lunch. But that was not the case for Hunter Gross when he was in the sixth grade!  Rather than waste time on class gossip, Hunter put his mind to work on a plan to slowly save the planet! Not to mention he actually became the youngest CEO in the country in the process.

It started when Hunter’s teacher spoke in class on the effects of global warming. Hunter was eager to change the world and went straight home and told his parents about his idea to use all-natural canvas lunch bags.  Many kids brought their lunches in plastic or paper bags.  While paper bags may be eco-friendly, plastic bags take 500 to 1000 years to break down!!

Now 13 and in 9th grade, Hunter is the Founder of Poject Kool – a company dedicated to spreading the eco-friendly message to young people primarily through the sale of his very Kool canvas lunch bags, backpacks, totes and more!

Project Kool bags are all-natural, and available in a ton of crazy fun designs.  The bags can be further decorated DIY-style with lead-free, washable markers made of recycled plastic that come free with every bag! Now that’s Kool!

Be green.  Save the planet.  Reduce your carbon footprint.  Shop Project Kool.

Shop Project Kool on Totsy!   Items are up to 50% off!


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