It’s a Bracelet, a Necklace, a Belt – No, it’s the Multipurpose Necklace!

Why spend money on a bracelet, necklace AND a belt when you can turn a multipurpose necklace into all of those.  Splurge a little on one item that can be used in a variety of ways to glam up your look instead of throwing money here and there for individual jewelry pieces.  After all, diapers aren’t cheap!

You can even find affordable long necklaces at your local Goodwill store or thrift store.

Check out several ways you can glam up your everyday look or for that night out with the girls.

Have a shapeless dress but tired of using that same thing leather belt?  Update your look with your long necklace.  Simply hook it around your waist to give your body that oh-la-la shape.  Add to a feminine dress and you’ll have just the right edgy touch — the best of both worlds.  Instant glam!

We love this.  Twirl your necklace several times around your wrist and voila, a layered bracelet look.  Perfect for the spring and summer when you’re rocking a white tee, jeans and flip flops.

Try this seductive look ala J. Aniston.  Got a date night with the hubby?  Slip into your LBD and let your necklace call attention to all the right places (your smile, of course!).  Don’t be afraid to mix and match your statement necklace with a delicate keepsake chain like Jennifer here.  Add smokey eyes and nude lips to complete this look.

Meeting with a teacher in the classroom?  Or perhaps meeting in the boardroom.  Whatever the case is, wrap your necklace two or three times (depending on the length) and you’ll instantly add a fab touch to your conservative outfit.

Another tip for you petite mamas out there, long necklaces lengthen your torso!

We love multi-purpose items!  With all those rascals running around, who has time to shop for individual pieces of jewelry anymore??  Happy shopping, fashionistas!

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