Diana’s Top 5 Picks This Weekend on Totsy

This weekend Totsy is getting you ready for Mother’s Day.  Whether you are buying for your own mom, your sister, or letting your hubs know what you might like, this top 5 list will get you going with awesome ideas and some fun matching mommy and kid gear that will make you all feel special this Mother’s Day.

The first three on the list are the cutest way you and your little one can do the matching thing without looking ridiculous. This is how Katie and Suri would do it!

1. Bed Head Pajamas –  My kids would LOVE it if we all got ready for bed in these adorable matching PJ’s and its not too matchy-matchy.  Tons of cute patterns available so check them all out! ITEMS UP TO 61% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/5!! http://bit.ly/hzN3c6

2. Delicate Raymond Mom and Delicate Raymond Baby – This is worth mentioning to your hubby. These hoop earrings are gorgeous in person and if you noticed this award season- contrasting bright green emerald statement jewelry was all the rage.  Add in the sweet bracelet for your DD and she can be your stylish mini-me! LOVE! Mom: ITEMS UP TO 53% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/5!!  http://bit.ly/eFtbVG — Baby: ITEMS UP TO 55% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/5!! http://bit.ly/dR8f8w 

3. Kitsch*n Glam – The fact that they know they are Kitschy makes me love this brand even more. How fun are these?  Mom’s apron is even slightly sexy – think back to ‘50s black and white TV and cutie pie’s version is super sweet.  Check out this sale to see the matching oven mitts for kids and moms and all the other fun patterns available. ITEMS UP TO 58% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/5!!  http://bit.ly/fskZTR

4. Azuri – Scarves are a fashion must for me right now, but the funny thing is that my mom, aunt and grandmother love them, too. We just all wear them in our own way.  This lavender pashmina will up the ante on anyone’s outfit!  Buy lots of these and stock up your “gift closet”.  ITEMS UP TO 63% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/5!! http://bit.ly/gmXnpm

5. Oooh La La – For moms of all ages, this pink nail polish kit is the perfect gift. And the best part is that Oooh La La will donate 20% of proceeds from the sale of this set goes to www.cancerandcareers.org! ITEMS UP TO 60% OFF!! SALE ENDS 4/5!! http://bit.ly/h2hs6r


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