CuteyBaby Founder Talks Diapers & Decor

Your one-stop shop for wall decals and cloth diapers.  Meet Ada Vaughan, the momtrepeneur behind  For a limited time, you can purchase CuteyBaby wall decals up to 40% off on Totsy!! Or CuteyBaby Cloth Diapers up to 32% off!

Q: You founded CuteyBaby upon becoming a mom and CuteyBaby sells both amazing wall decals as well as cloth diapers! Those are two very different products — how did that all come together?  Like so many moms who are entrepreneurs, it all began with wanting something for my own use. I started out designing my daughter’s room. At the time I was studying interior design, and wanted to make a bold statement on the walls without a huge commitment to paint. So the wall decals were born. It was a fun outlet for creative energy, and I also did custom designs for a while. When my little one was about 5 months old, I started to feel very, very guilty about all the trash and expense of disposable diapers. One of my friends was using cloth, and I asked her about it. A week later I had ordered a few different kinds online, and I never looked back. It was a wonderful feeling to stop buying all those disposables, and we found ways to make it pretty simple to do cloth. I really just wished that the diapers were better looking! So I started sewing my own, drawing the patterns and testing them on my daughter. And that’s how CuteyBaby Modern Cloth Diapers came to be.

Q: What do you think is the biggest misconception moms have today about using cloth diapers? How does CuteyBaby solve that problem?  I think moms that haven’t seen a “modern” cloth diaper simply don’t realize how easy it can be. When you say cloth diaper, lots of people still think pins and plastic pants.   CuteyBaby is one of the easiest cloth diapers to use, especially with our flushable liner sheets.

Q: Tell us why CuteyBaby wall decals are so great?  Our wall decals allow you to quickly create a theme in your child’s room, with no commitment. We use non-toxic vinyl with a repositionable adhesive that won’t harm walls. Creative kids can help put them up. It’s as easy as a sticker.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a mom?  Being mom to Zola, age 3, is such an amazing journey. I love how she changes and grows so quickly. Looking at the world through a child’s eyes is inspiring. I love discovering new ideas with her. Zola also helps keep me focused in the here and now. But my most favorite part about being a mom is the hugs.

Q: Do you have any advice for other moms who have both a passion and see a void in the market for something they want for their families?  Test, test, test. Make sure you give or sell your product on a small scale to people you don’t know. Get honest feedback and fine-tune until you’re happy with the product. From a strategy standpoint, be clear about what you want from your business idea. Are you looking for a little extra money, or wanting to build a large company? Set goals and work toward them every day.

Q: One of your passions for the diapers as well as the decals is from your design background- tell us what aesthetic you have and why where it fits into both style with regards to kids clothes but also from a style perspective of the home w/ the wall decals.  CuteyBaby’s design aesthetic comes from my roots in graphic design. I have always been drawn to bright colors and simple graphic themes. For example, my daughter’s nursery uses “A little dotty” wall decals in bright fuchsia and orange on the walls. For design of the fabrics on our latest cloth diapers, the hand-drawn airplanes, cars, and trains give a whimsical look. I think my design taste runs toward the European, with an emphasis on color and clean lines.

Q: And of course, we have to ask, what’s your favorite thing about Totsy? 🙂  I like Totsy’s selection! They stay focused on baby & kid products and offer excellent deals. What’s not to love?

You can follow Ada on Twitter and friend her on Facebook.

You can buy CuteyBaby wall decals on up to 40% off for a limited time!  Or CuteyBaby Cloth Diapers up to 32% off, sale starts 3/30!


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