Diana’s Top 5 Picks This Weekend on Totsy

Current NYC weather to the contrary, history tells us that spring and summer are definitely on the way. With faith that this year won’t be any different and that the weather will indeed get warmer — at least eventually — I offer you my weekend picks:

1.  For Boys: When I saw everything for the Boutique Collection for boys in the office this week, I was dying for all of it! It’s all super quality and just the kind of classic look I think little boys were made for!  My fave (way cuter in person) is this 3-piece jacket suit with sailor crest. Is there anything cuter than a little boy in a blazer? I think not!  And just in time for all your spring celebrations. http://bit.ly/gJMJE7

2.  For Babies & Toddlers: Bedtime and naptime wouldn’t be complete at my house without HALO SleepSacks. Not only do I love them because I know there’s no chance of the baby squirming out from under the blanket, or heaven forbid to suffocate under it — but also because we’ve had the same two sacks for over a year and they never fall apart no matter how often they get washed and worn (which is a LOT). Also, despite the fact that the oldest is almost 2yrs old, she still loves them. She knows when we put it on, it’s “ni-night!” http://bit.ly/gKdGrr

3.  For Girls: This pick is a little bit sentimental for me. I have a picture of my oldest wearing her first pair of “real” shoes from last summer and they looked an awful lot like these classic white sandals by Itzy Bitzy. She wore hers with everything all summer long. These have a more modern gladiator style that my daughter’s didn’t have, but that makes them even cooler AND they even have a squeaker in the heel so no more fights when its time to put her shoes on! http://bit.ly/fpVpyT

4.  For Moms: Whenever I wear mineral makeup, I get so many compliments on my skin. There’s just something about how mineral makeup gives a natural looking perfection to your skin.  So, for summer, mineral bronzer is a must (since we know too much real sun is off-limits, of course). I love this Lotus Beach Bronze Bronzer!  It goes on super smooth and you can build up color subtly so you never look like an Oompah-loompah! http://bit.ly/fdaD2s

5.  For Kids: Our Totsy Book Bonanza this weekend is a must shop!  In addition to tons of amazing books, I got excited to see that a favorite book at our house is available!  “Charlie and Lola’s I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go to Bed” pop-up book is awesome. Since one of my daughters is named Lola, we love it that much more. But even if you don’t have your own Charlie or Lola, it’s a totally fun book that older siblings will love reading about how big brother, Charlie, just can’t seem to get little sis, Lola, to go to bed even after navigating her imaginative antics! http://bit.ly/futyte

Diana Heather is Totsy’s Chief Mom. Follow her on Twitter here: @totsymom  and friend her on Facebook.


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