Couponing: Why I Save

We all save money and watch our spending for different reasons…saving for vacation, the economy stinks, for something new for the house, something special for the kids, you name it!

Well, I started couponing because I wanted to stay home with my son – I was a very successful sales person in the Staffing Industry, but when I had THREE different child care centers tell me that they had openings and then when I went to pay a deposit, there was some mistake or another and the opening wasn’t really at all…We took that as a sign that I was supposed to be home.  Six years later, the addition of our daughter, 3 decreases in salary and the loss of our health insurance coverage by my husband’s company – Couponing wasn’t just something fun to do – it turned into a way to survive.

I found the more I researched sales, watched clearances, sales, and coupon match-ups, the better I got.  I learned about Mommy Blogs while waiting at the doctor’s for my daughter’s check-up in a magazine, Having Fun Saving was born shortly after that!

I am a BIG believer in giving back to the community, so I share every way possible to help others on my blog.  With coupons and sales – I can usually get $20 worth of groceries for about $2.  I also donate all my baby coupons that I get in the mail or that I can find to print to the local Pregnancy center – raising children is expensive, WHY NOT share coupons with others?  It’s a simple step really and trust me, it IS appreciated.  If you don’t know where your local pregnancy center is, donate them to a church, a friend, or just leave on the shelf at the grocery store!  Coupons are money – just in a different form, so donating your coupons is like donating money, isn’t that a wonderful thought??  I sure think so!

I coupon to save, I coupon to be able to stay home with my kids, I coupon to help us survive from week to week,  I coupon to help share with ours, I coupon because I believe I can make a difference, I coupon because I care, I coupon in hopes to teach my cuties to care too!

Having Fun Sharing…Having Fun Saving!


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