Oshi mat Giveaway Contest!

We truly love giveaways here at Totsy and it’s time for another one!!

Oh, oh it’s MAT-gic! Perfect for busy Totsy moms on-the-go, the Oshi mat is great for tummy time, mommy and me class, nap time, outings and more!

Both Totsy and Oshi mat are 100% eco-friendly.  Oshi mat is a multi award-winning, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, PVC/Latex Free foam playmat.  Totsy plants a tree in Peru in honor of every Totsy member to reduce deforestation and is the first company in private sales to take on sustainable and socially responsible initiative.

So, this brings us to our contest question:  WHAT ARE SOME WAYS YOU REDUCE YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT??

Some examples of reducing your carbon footprint include: turning off the lights when you are not using them, turning off the water run when you’re brushing your teeth.

Two lucky winners will be receiving an Oshi mat kit!  Be sure to check out the Oshi mat sale beginning March 22nd on Totsy.com!


  • Like OSHIMAT on Facebook
  • Follow @TotsyFan on Twitter
  • Must be a registered Totsy member
  • Must answer the carbon footprint question in our blog below!!

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