Why I Take Long Showers

I know it’s bad to use all of my city’s water resources. I understand that they’re charging me for it too. And I know it’s probably rather harsh on my skin. But I don’t care. I love a long, hot shower. I’ve worked out a system of leaving Callen (happy and playing) in the play-pen with Preston nearby watching cartoons, so that I can take some time to get ready. I rush through the tooth-brushing, the hair styling, the getting dressed, but I won’t rush through the shower. It’s the one part of my day when it’s quiet and I get to be alone. I have been trying (ok, meaning…) to get up early enough to have some me-time before the kids wake up, but so far… no such luck. So that shower is pretty darn important!

I grew up as an only child, so I was used to being on my own. I don’t mind being alone… I like the peace and quiet. Cue husband, then kid, then second kid. Well, I still got alone time when I was working after Preston was born, because I got to drive to work. Even just that little bit of time in the car by myself… EVEN if I was sitting in traffic… was exactly what I needed. But now, with kid #2 and my stay-at-home status, there is no such thing as me-time. There are rarely car rides that don’t involve a certain 5-year-old asking “why?” or “what if?” during the entirety of the trip. At home there is always a kiddo who needs something, even if it’s just to be held and good grief, do you know how difficult it is to get them to nap at the same time? Down right impossible! It’s constant talking, herding, soothing, scolding, running around and togetherness. Obviously, I love my children. I love being home with them. I love being able to home-school and be here as they’re growing up. Obviously, I love my husband and spending time with him just as much. Trust me, I’m not complaining. At all. I’m ridiculously blessed beyond reason. I’m simply explaining why I will, unashamedly, take a 20-minute scalding hot shower! Are you reading this, husband? I know that on the weekends, you are probably wondering where I’ve disappeared to. It’s the shower.

When I’m in there I can let my brain wander. Or, I can let it shut off for a few minutes. I can just stand there, breathing in the stream, and be. Just be. There’s almost always a moment when I’m all, “Ok, I’m clean, I should get out,” but I don’t. I just.keep.standing.there. It’s refreshing, it’s relaxing, it’s QUIET! It’s MINE. You hear me? MINE!!! Do.Not.Disturb.

There is the rare occasion that Preston will open that bathroom door and bug me every two minutes, until it proves useless to even try to enjoy it. Or, maybe Callen isn’t going to nap or play quietly for long enough… I won’t push my luck. So, it doesn’t always work. But for the most part… that long, hot shower is what keeps me able to spend the rest of my day wrestling with two rowdy boys. That… and a giant cup of coffee (or two) every morning. Have I told you how much I like coffee? Coffee… and a shower, that’s all I need.

P.S. It took two days to write this post, because every 5 minutes my children needed something or got a boo-boo or were fighting over a toy. And in fact, in the moments it took to write that last paragraph, Callen made his way into the kitchen, pulled down all of the home-school folders and boxes from the shelf and made quite a mess.

Do you think two long, hot showers in one day would be pushing it? I mean, really?

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