How To: Fit Toddler Shoes

Once you’re toddler starts to, well, toddle – you soon realize the importance of shoes that fit properly. But how on earth do you know if that squirmy little person is wearing the shoe size that will best help them in their quest to go from toddler to full-on runner!  Read some of our tips on how to fit toddler shoes.

1.  The most important step is to measure your toddler’s foot when buying shoes.  There’s a chance that one foot might be bigger than the other.  If that’s the case, always go with the size of the bigger foot.

2. Always have your toddler try on both shoes.  This will not only ensure that the length is correct, but the width as well.

3.  Have your toddler stand up when trying on the shoes.  This will ensure that the shoes fit properly as the feet expand when weight is applied.

4.  Leave a small amount of room between your toddler’s longest toes and the front end of the shoes.  If you leave too much room, the shoes will fall off as they’re walking or running.  Too little room and you risk a blister. The width of your pointer finger is a good indicator of how much room to leave, but measure this when your toddler is standing- not sitting.

5.  Remember, if your child is between sizes, always buy the bigger size of shoes.  They’ll always grow into them – I promise!

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Happy shopping, fashionistas!


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