Spring 2011 Make-up Trends

We at Totsy Fashion Week NYC, so to continue with our Spring Runway trends, we’re talking about make-up this week!  Because, really, make-up is the one thing you wear everyday (well almost) and we all  know thanks to L’Oreal and Project Runway, that make IS a big part of a fashion show.


BOLD LIPS:  Bold lips are a huge must this spring and summer.  The colors can range from red, to orange to hot pink.  To make your lips really stand out, choose a matte finish.  Complete your look with barely-there make up and a few heavy coats of black mascara.  Your lips should be the focal point. Pucker up!

NATURAL LOOK:  Natural makeup is seen often on the runway.  It requires very little effort but still looks fantastic.  Always start on a clean canvas and apply an SPF moisturizer.  Create flawless looking skin with concealer to cover any blemishes and dust translucent powder all over your face to set it.  Apply a subtle, pink blush to your cheeks for a little color, two swipes of mascara after curling your lashes and a natural looking lipstick or gloss to top it all off.

VIBRANT EYES:  Vibrant eye makeup is another spring runway trend that is sure to attract attention.  Create flawless skin with foundation and concealer.  Then, apply your favorite bright colored eye shadow; try red, orange, blue or green.  Line your upper lids with black eyeliner and coat lashes with two swipes of mascara.  Your lips should be a nude shade as you want the eyes to really stand out.  Try this fun look for a holiday event or party.

SMOKEY EYES:  Smokey eyes have long been a staple on the runways.  With a little practice, you’ll be able to pull of this sexy, smoldering look as well.  This dark eye look is glamorous when paired with nude lips.  Use black, greys or dark blue eye shadows.  Visit here (http://beauty.about.com/od/allaboutyoureyes/ht/smokeyes.htm) to learn how to create smokey eyes.

There are a few trends on this list that we at Totsy will be trying out.  If you’re bold enough, send us your runway look on Twitter (@totsyfan @mytotsy).  Show us yours and we’ll show you ours!  As always, enjoy and experiment!


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