Formal & Black-tie for the Pregnant Mom

“O.M.G.  What am I going to wear?” is probably the first thing going through your mind as soon as you open an invitation for a black-tie event.  It’s difficult enough trying to assemble an outfit when you aren’t pregnant, now that you’re about 7 months along and blatantly showing, you have to scramble to find an outfit that is both comfortable and appropriate for that formal evening.  No worries!  Here are some must-have tips when considering your next outfit for your formal event so you’ll be red-carpet ready!

There’s a reason that black is always one of the colors seen during a formal night.  It’s slimming and it goes with virtually every accessory, making it very easy to match your shoes, clutch and jewelry.  It also allows the versatility to wear very bold jewelry – in color and size as well as shoes – from leopard print to metallic gold.

The cut is very important when shopping for a formal maternity dress.  The most flattering cut is an empire waist or A-line.  Both silhouettes will give your belly adequate room.  Just make sure that the fabric for the top half flatters your breast as well – look classy, not trashy.

Nowadays you can find every kind of undergarment available for moms-to-be that can help shape your body and help you look your best.  Thongs, plunging neckline bras and the must-have for every woman, Spanx, is now available in maternity sizes so you can always feel and look great on your fancy night out.

Shoes are an important part of your outfit.  They should complement what you’re wearing.  However, unless you’re Victoria Beckham, it’s not practical to be six months pregnant and wearing 5” stilettos.  Decorative flats are perfect to dress up any formal outfit and are comfortable.  For warmer weather, try a jeweled sandal.

Shawls and wraps are fashionable and will take you from an event that goes from day to night.  If you’re wearing a black dress, try a bright, fun-colored or patterned shawl, just make sure it doesn’t clash with your accessories.

The best thing about fashion is its limitless ability to be creative.  Have fun with what you choose to wear and more importantly, be comfortable because if you aren’t you won’t be having as much fun.

So tell us, how will you be dressing up for your big night out?

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