Cupcakes, Flowers & Fun: Just Another Day at Totsy

What happens when you put a few mommy bloggers in a room with several Totsy family members??  A room full of fun, laughter, lively discussion, mimosas and cupcakes!

On Thursday, Totsy had the pleasure of hosting several mommy bloggers in our NYC loft office for an intimate luncheon and interactive discussion.  We were able to ask these mommies for feedback about upcoming projects and the response we received was informative and extremely helpful.

Our mommies included Ariel Rey from Time Inc., Jeanina from MomFinds, Anna from Mommy Poppins and our very own Chief Mom, Diana Heather.  We also had Stephania Greendyk from Southard PR, Totsy’s Online Marketing Director, Irina Mikheyeva and Totsy’s Social Media Assistant, Sophia Shum join us as well.

During lunch, Diana, Ariel Ray and Jeanina exchanged entertaining stories about their children, what outdoor activities are suitable for their children when the temperature hovers around freezing in NYC as well as challenges they encounter as an NYC mom when trying to find a school for their little one.

We finished off the luncheon with giftbags, cupcakes and a photoshoot by Totsy’s own photographer, Edwin Montoya.

In honor of Social Media Week, all live tweeting during the event was done by Sophia.  To read our live tweets, follow us on Twitter: @mytotsy @totsyfan @totsymom.

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