Totsy Hearts Social Media Week!

“Friend me on Facebook.” “Follow me on Twitter.”  “Link to my blog.”  Unless you live under a rock, you know that social media isn’t going anywhere. Mark Zuckerberg built his entire empire around connecting people (and now he’s about to win an Oscar — or at least Aaron Sorkin and Jesse Eisenberg are).

Long before social media ignited buzz in Hollywood, Toby Daniels decided that creating an official event revolving around Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more was a must.  Here at Totsy, we social media.

So, what do you get when you put Totsy and Social Media Week together?? Justin Timberlake! Oh no, sorry!  We’re still obsessed with The Social Network.  But what you do get is the visionary President of Totsy, Christophe Garnier, participating in a panel about innovative ways to incorporate social networking and shopping.  Click here for more information:

Most events are FREE, but you must register –

For more information on Social Media Week, visit

Follow Totsy on Twitter to get real-time updates about how Totsy is getting involved in SMW: @totsyfan and @mytotsy.

Follow along on Twitter for updates regarding Social Media Week @SMWNYC or use the hashtag #SMWNYC.


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