Meet Crisaline: Our Mom of the Week!!

Congratulations to our Mom of the Week, Crisaline from Grovetown, GA!  Crisaline is the proud mommy of two little boys; Gabriel, 2-years-old and Ezekiel, 6-month-old.  Aside from raising her two kids, Crisaline is also a full-time student and a wife to an American soldier.  With her husband being deployed so often, she plays the role of mom, dad and manages the household as well.  She’s a supermom in our eyes and that is why she is our pick for Mom of the Week!  Let’s meet Crisaline!

  1. What is the one thing you can’t live without?  My computer/internet.  My family is halfway around the world and it’s the only way my boys can see their grandparents.
  2. What’s your favorite beauty item of all time?  Do hair ties count?  I rarely wear makeup.
  3. What’s your go-to fashion item?  My brush!
  4. What’s been your favorite trend of all?  Summer dresses.
  5. What’s one fashion/beauty item you’ll never touch and why?  Lipstick.  Never been a lipstick person and the time I did wear them, it all went wrong.
  6. TV shows you must tune into each week?  Hawaii 5-0, Psych and NCIS.
  7. Website you absolutely must check out daily?  Facebook, Babycenter, Rue La La and Totsy.

Want to become Totsy’s Mom of the Week? Winners receive awesome prizes from CoCaLo in January.Invite your mommy friends to join. We pick a new mom every week…it could be you!!


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