Mom-to-be Style Must Haves

You just found out you’re pregnant!  Congratulations!  Now, on to more important matters – what on earth are you going to wear for the next 9 months???  That’s a question that plagues every mom-to-be I’ve ever met.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be dreadful.  In fact, it can be fun and a great excuse to shop!

Aside from taking good care of your body with healthy eating and exercise, you’re still a woman and you want to look fantastic during your pregnancy.  Check out these fashion trends to help you feel like one hot mama.

Maternity skinny jeans: Don’t knock ‘em till you try ‘em.  Skinny jeans today can feel like leggings and they call attention to some of your best assets – those legs!  Pair them with a loose v-neck tee, a tailored blazer and flats for a day-time look or add stilettos and a print tunic top for a nighttime look.  When buying maternity skinny jeans, make sure the material stretches for maximum comfort.

Leggings:  Everybody’s wearing leggings today and while you’re pregnant, it’s the perfect chance to jump on this bandwagon!  Leggings are versatile and oh-so comfortable.  Pair them with a long sweater or “cardi-coat” and flats or a pair them with a crisp white button-down and boots.  There is no need to stick to basic black.  Try velvet leggings and print leggings – like leopard.  Just remember that when trying different prints, you should keep the remainder of your outfit neutral.

Dresses:  Show off your favorite assets. If it’s your legs, go short with your dress, or if it’s your arms, go for sleeveless – that way you call attention to something other than your belly and still feel like your old self, too!

          Wrap dresses:  Perfect for date nights or a night out on the town.  They also make the perfect LBD.  Pick a dress that will hit 2” above the knees and pair with black pumps and chandelier earrings and you’ll be ready for a night out.  If you’re feeling adventurous, go for leopard pumps or metallic (gold or silver) strappy stilettos.  Pair that with statement earrings in matching gold or silver shade.  Wrap dresses with prints are perfect for work or a lunch date.  Wear them with flats and a blazer.

          Maxi dresses:  This dress will take you from spring to fall.  A solid-colored dress is versatile for those seasons.  Pair them with statement jewelry that will brighten your overall look.  If nights get chilly, pair your dress with a light cardigan.  Gladiator sandals and metallic-toned sandals look great with maxi dresses.  (Just a side note, maxi dresses are supposed to run very long, if you’re petite, take it to your tailored to get hemmed.  The hem of the dress should hit your ankles.)

          Feminine dresses:  Most women feel their most feminine when pregnant.  Wear dresses with flower prints, ruffles, and flowing fabrics.  Pair them with flats or sandals in the spring and summer.  When heading into fall, you can pair the dress with a trench coat or blazer and knee-high riding boots and leggings or tights.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to change your entire look.  Your pregnancy should reflect whatever your style was before the bump but have fun with it!  You’re pregnant glow will undoubtedly be your best accessory.

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