How To: Personalize Your Home

Make your home yours.  Your home should reflect your personality and/or your history and there are many ways you can give your home an authentic feel.  Check out some of our tips below on how to personalize your own home.

Framed photographs are a great way to accent your home and give it that personalized feel.  For a simple, clean look, try using simple black frames or frameless photo frames.  You can hang sepia or black and white photographs to keep the entire look simple.  If you like frames with a lot of intricate details, try a variety of different frames and hang them in a grouping in one section of the room.  This will give the room a cozy feel.  If you have children, hanging framed artwork is a great way to display your child’s creative talents as well as make a great conversation starter.  For more tips on hanging pictures, visit:

  • Frames with intricate details grouped together on one side of the room creates a cozy and artsy feel
  • Frame children’s artwork in a simple photo frame so it does not draw attention away from your child’s masterpiece


Ceramic bowls, vases and other pottery items are another great way to add more personality to your home.  Ceramic bowls (or any kind of large decorative bowl) are great as a centerpiece for coffee tables, dining room tables as well as the kitchen countertop.  They’re also useful pieces of art as they can hold fruits or a collection of snacks for guests.  Try visiting your local pottery store for pieces by local artists.  They’ll see their work being displayed and feel proud, while at the same time, it adds an interesting touch to your home.  Vases can be filled with fresh flowers, silk flowers or left alone as a piece of art all its own.  Find a vase that fits the rest of the décor in your home.  If you have earth-toned furniture and classical tastes, get a simple, unobtrusive vase.  If you have a home with furniture that contains antiques and detailing from a certain time period, get a vase that will coincide with the rest of your furniture.

  • Support local artists by buying local pottery items
  • Children’s clay artwork make great pieces on a shelf or mantle
  • Pottery pieces should coincide with theme of your room


Books are also a great home decorating accessory.  There’s a reason the term “coffee table book” was created.  One interior designer uses large coffee table books stacked high next to a reading chair because it “looks casual and warm”.  Like a framed picture of your child’s artwork, coffee table books are also great conversation starters.  They are usually a large book containing a lot of photographs and illustrations.  Having a bookshelf with a variety of different books in your living room, home office or den can create a quaint and cozy room.

  • Different genres of coffee table books will surely satisfy all kinds guests
  • Cover one wall of your room with a floor-to-ceiling bookcase and fill it with a variety of books

Rugs and accent pillows/throws are another great way to personalize your home.  They also add a comforting touch to your room.  Go with rugs that fit into the color scheme of your room. Choose easy-to-clean and warm fabrics such as cotton or flannel.  With accent pillows, make sure there is a pillow cover so that it is easy to wash when Fido or Little Ben has an accident.

  • If your room is filled with neutral colors, accent pillows and throws can be colorful – try deep, rich colors like burgundy or navy blue
  • A good rule of thumb for selecting the colors of your throw pillows is to match the color scheme of your décor. If you have one or two main colors in your color scheme, you can buy throw pillows in both colors or choose one color to highlight as an accent.

Lastly, you should have fun when decorating your home.  It shouldn’t feel like a chore.  Be creative and just keep these few simple tips in mind and you’ll have your home reflecting your own personal style in no time.  Enjoy!


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