Looking Fab in Animal Prints

Animal prints have been a huge hit this season and last.  They have been seen on celebrities and all over the runways.  However, pulling off the look can be quite difficult and no one wants to commit a fashion faux-pas.  Follow our simple, but informative tips for looking your best when incorporating animal prints into your daily wardrobe without committing a fashion crime.

If you’ve never worn prints before or you’re shy with prints, try a subtle look by using an accessory piece such as a clutch, a handbag, shoes, scarves, belt or piece of jewelry.  These accessories should be paired with solid-colored items.  When the weather gets chilly, try animal-printed earmuffs or mittens.

When wearing animal print jewelry, go for the minimalistic look.  Wearing different animal prints for different jewelry pieces can ruin the flow of the outfit and look loud.

Consider your personal style.  If your style is usually more conservative and tailored, mix your prints with neutral and solid-colored outfits.  One classic look is pairing a leopard coat — short or long — with a simple black dress.

If you usually wear bolder or more creative pieces of clothing, pair your prints with bright colors.  You can even try neon colors, but stick to one shade.  Black, white, grey, camel, red and dark denim are classic colors that can usually be worn with animal prints.


  • Try not to wear animal prints from head-to-toe.
  • Do not mix different animal prints.
  • The cut of the pieces of clothing with animal prints is very important.  Avoid wearing anything too tight or low cut – the beauty of the animal print may get lost.

Remember, a little goes a long way!


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