Tips on Finding the Perfect Winter Coat

As the weather continues to drop and the layers pile on, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look your best.  Your winter coat will be worn often throughout the season, so why not find the best fit for your body?  Follow the tips below for finding the perfect winter coat for you!

  • If you have broad shoulders or a large bust, try a coat with a v-neck.
  • If you want your coat to help you create curves, try a belted coat.  The belt cinches the waste creating a feminine hourglass figure.
  • If you would like to look taller, go for a coat that will not go past your knees – this will help to create the illusion of an elongated leg line.  Try to stay an inch above the knees.
  • If you’re worried about looking top-heavy, try a single-breasted wool coat.
  • If you’re worried about looking bottom-heavy, try an A-line coat.

Other tips:

  • A black wool coat is timeless, but if you don’t want to be another spot in that sea of black, try a neutral color such as gray or camel.
  • You can spruce up your coat with floral accessories.  You can change it as often as you like to match your mood and keep your coat looking stylish!
  • For those coats with a belted waist, try sprucing it up with a faux crocodile or leather belt.  It’s fashionable twist for a classic!
  • If none of the above is right for you, you can always use a fun, flirty scarf to add a pop of color and style that will tie your entire look together.

Stay warm!


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