Meet Christy: Our Mom of the Week!

Happy New Year and congrats to our newest Mom of the Week!! Christy is from the Sunshine State and has 2 kids: Ashley, 2 years-old, and Christian, her newborn! When Christy is not with her kids, she is a middle-school teacher to over 100 students! She really does it ALL!! Christy also enjoys browsing Facebook to “catch up with other family members & moms that also live very busy lives.” We love Facebook too!! Now, please join us in getting to know our amazing Mom of the Week!!

How many kids do you have (please include ages)?
I have two kids: Ashley is almost 3 years old (born 3-3-08) & Christian is only days old (born 12-28-10)

Tell us why you should be the Mom of the week
I think I should be the mom of the week because not only do I feel that over the last almost three years I have worked hard to be a great mom to my daughter Ashley from making sure that she goes to good schools, keeps healthy & active through outdoor & gymnastics activities but also now preparing her to be a big sister. Not only this, but I am a school teacher as well. As a teacher to almost 100 middle school students I not only teach them academic skills but also social ones too which in turn makes me feel as if they are also my children.

What’s one thing you can’t live without (besides your family)?
I would say that besides my supportive husband, my loving children & my parents who help me tremendously, the thing I can’t live without is my Honda Element because it allows me to move around and get my daughter to her activities on a daily basis. My car is comfortable & roomy and besides the fact that I want a van to give me even more room I would not trade it for any other.

What’s your favorite beauty item of all time?
I love lip gloss of any kind because it completes any make-up I have on or simply moistens my lips when needed. Lip gloss comes in just a simple shine & many even come with color now.

What’s your go-to fashion item?
I love jeans of any kind because I can dress them up or down to change from a day out with the kids to a night out on the town with some other parents. Wearing pearl earring is also a signature piece in my wardrobe for the same simple reason that they go well with something casual to something sophisticated.

TV show you must tune into each week?
I have two favorite TV shows that I absolutely can’t miss. Thanks to TiVo I am able to record, “House”, a show about a doctor who solves many medical mysteries and “The Biggest Looser”, which inspires me each week that being a busy mom, wife & teacher is no excuse to abandon myself and now stay in shape. I think especially as a mother & wife you have to give yourself your own time to be you & feel good about being a woman first. If you feel good about whom you are then you are a better person for everyone in your life.

Website you absolutely much check out daily?
I love to check Facebook on almost a daily basis simply to catch up with other family members & moms I know that also live very busy lives across the country. Through Facebook we are able to stay in touch, watch the kids grow through pictures & ensure that we invite each other to special events around town that the kids can attend (especially those that are free).

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