Meet Anne Our Mom of The Week

Congratulations to our Mom of the Week, Anne, from Dallas, TX! Anne has quite the busy household with 4 fabulous girls, all under the age of 5! Let’s take this opportunity to get to know Anne a little better and congratulate her on being Mom of the Week!

Thank you for giving us a little glimpse into your life, now, let’s meet Anne!

Where do you live?

Dallas, TX

How many kids do you have (please include ages)?

4 kids, all girls, ages 5, 3, 2, and 7 mos.

Tell us why you should be the Mom of the week:

I am am stay at home mom to four little girls and I deserve a little recognition:)

What’s one thing you can’t live without (besides your family)?


What’s your favorite beauty item of all time?

Using a clear mascara (with a curved brush) to groom my eyebrows.

What’s your go-to fashion item?

My black Bailey Button Triplet Uggs

What’s been your favorite trend of all?

T-shirts with a long hemline. My body has changed since having babies, and I need more length.

What’s one fashion/beauty item you’ll never touch? And why.

Stiletto heels. Too uncomfortable for me. How do women wear those??

TV show you must tune into each week?

Modern Family.

Website you absolutely much check out daily?

This is not a political statement, but I check out everyday.

Want to become Totsy’s Mom of the Week? Winners receive awesome prizes from top sponsored brands! Invite your mommy friends to join. We pick a new mom every week…it could be you!!


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