The Best Gift Ever Given

When asked “what’s the best gift I have ever given?”

I honestly have to say the ones that are free of course.

This time of the year is about giving, but in the rush of life, giving for many has become quantity over quality and the translation of giving is lost.  I’m there with the majority, I wrapped countless gifts the other night, many for my children, knowing that they will tear through them in a matter of seconds on Christmas morning only to move swiftly onto the next.  Fortunately for me, I’m pretty savvy with superstacking coupons, deals and rebates and many of the gifts have been attained for next to nothing.  I love seeing my children on Christmas morning smiling from ear to ear and playing with the toys that they had so wished for, however, the best gift are the gifts that I “GIVE” to others less fortunate.

Whenever a deal, steal or freebie comes up I make sure to stock up and at the end of the year I go through my stockpile and start sorting through them for donations.  There are so many charities to give to, my favorites are Toys for Tots, my local community coat drive and local shelters where household food, toiletries and clothes can be dropped off.  Go through your closets and pantry, you’ll be suprised at how much you’ve accumulated and you’ll soon give the best gift ever.

However, giving doesn’t have to come straight from your pocket.  Here are five ways to give without spending a penny!

1. Between now and December 31st, is giving away gift certificates through it’s Feed it Forward Program. You can actually choose to send up to 40 certificates ($10 value) to family and friends per day up till December 31st.  This is a great thing to do if you can’t afford to get someone something, but want to let them know that you are thinking about them this holiday season.

2. Head here to sign up to receive free samples from Walmart (current free samples include Prilosec, Purina One & Vaseline Intensive Rescue).

The next three entail “give the love of reading” – enable others to help themselves.

3. You can get a free Leap Frog Tag or Tag Junior book by following some simple instructions: Create an account by heading here.  Then, head here and sign in.  Fill out the form and indicate Tag or Tag Junior book.  You can expect to receive your free book in just a few weeks!

4. Sign up for 2 free multimedia storybooks for the kids.

5. Inspire kids to read recreationally and they will be rewarded with a free Ticket to Six Flags.

Check out Angela’s extraordinary blog at The Freebie Junkie!


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