HOW TO: Keep Your Daughter’s Hair Out of Her Face

Solution: Braids!

Whether you just have the ultimate girlie-girlie or a daughter who is just constantly pushing her hair out of her face there is a perfect solution! Braids not only take your daughters hair off her face but they also create a new, cute look for any little girl.

There are many types of braids; French Braids, Braid Pigtails, Partial Braids…etc!

The classic of these 3, as well as the more difficult is the French Braid. In order to master the technique and appearance you need to pick up the hair as you complete the braid. Begin at the front of her face at the hair line and braid along the center part picking up additional pieces of hair as you continue towards the back of your daughter’s hair. Once complete secure it with a hair-tie for a beautiful braid!

If your daughter is more interested in pigtails, add a cute twist by braiding them! It is a simple and fun way to keep your daughter’s hair out of her eyes. First, begin by parting the hair in the middle and resting it below her ears. Then, tie your pigtails with a hair-tie. On each side, braid the pigtails and secure with another hair-tie at the tips of her hair. It’s quick, easy and SO cute!

There may be times where you want to keep your daughter’s hair down but still need a solution to her hair having a ‘mind-of-its-own’. For this problem, try braiding her bangs or if she doesn’t have bangs – braid the hair right along her hairline. Begin by parting her hair to one side; grab 3 pieces of hair closest to the part and begin braiding. As you continue down the hair line, grab and combine more pieces of hair to the three strands. This way, the hair will stay close to scalp and not fall on her face. This will also help keep your daughter’s hair successfully out of her eyes while creating a super cute look! Many celebrities are also showing this exact look off today! 😉

What other hairstyles or tricks do you use to keep your daughter’s hair out of her face?

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