Jennifer & Yuri’s Weekend Picks

Happy Friday Everyone! As the weekend approaches, we wanted to leave you with some “Fashion Food for Thought”, Totsy style! Hope you enjoy our picks and we hope you have an incredible weekend!!!

Madame Alexander: We love this doll because she is dressed in a super soft pink sweater. The doll also comes with a bottle, bowl, and spoon!! $11.00 on Totsy –

ImagiPLAY: This Fruit Cutting Set is colorful, educational, and fun! The item teaches kids about healthy food in a very interactive way and we love that! The set is also made from all-natural, earth friendly rubber wood, how cool! $13.50 on Totsy –

Kid Galaxy: This motorcycle “Speedster” comes with an easy to use, 2-button controller that can pop Wheelies! Kids can use the controller to perform all kinds of cool tricks and we love the blue color too! $14.30 on Totsy –

Melissa & Doug: The amazing thing about Melissa & Doug products is that they make beautiful toys that are also educational! This Magnetic Number Maze teaches kids how to count, add, and subtract in a really fun way! $11.90 on Totsy –

Bobinette: We love Bobinette because of their bold colors and fun prints! Made especially for boys, we absolutely adore this Hoodini Fleece Jacket in Aqua. The inside details and the red buttons make the jacket standout! Not to mention, keeps kids warm too. $28.00 on Totsy –

Cavichi: Get rocker cool with this Rock n’ Roll Minky Plush Blanket! The blanket is edgy, modern, and super soft! And the best part? Easy cleaning, machine wash and dryer friendly! $10.00 on Totsy –

Jazzy Toes: We love Jazzy Toes because it makes socks cute and fun! Great for stocking stuffers, our favorite set is Hamptons Variety for Girls! We especially love the socks that are designed to look like ballerina shoes. $15.50 on Totsy –


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