Stocking Stuffers On A Budget

While some of you are still recovering from your Thanksgiving feasts, it is time to get busy with your holiday shopping.  When I ask my kids what they want, they always tell me lots of great things that I can wrap and place under the tree.  However, they rarely mention the smaller stocking stuffer ideas.  So, that leaves Dad and Mom on their own to figure this one out.  If you aren’t careful you can quickly blow your budget and overspend on those small items for your stockings.  Here are a few ideas that are not only practical, but won’t break the bank:

Skip the high ticket items

This first thing I recommend is to set a dollar limit on what you want to put into your stockings.  Sure, Video Games are very popular gift ideas, but at $20+ each, they can be very pricey.  So, opt for the replacement batteries, the small zipper pouch and things along that line to stuff into your stockings. 

Turn a Need Into a Gift

When my sister and I were growing up, it was never truly Christmas unless we found socks and underwear in our stockings. If your kids are at all like mine, it seems that they are always in need of these clothing items.  So, rather than just picking them up because they need them, turn them into a stocking stuffer instead.  They get something from the big guy and you get them something that they really need.

Put your deal finding skills to work

Who says that stocking stuffers have to be all fun and games?  I personally always find great deals on kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste.   My children, of course, aren’t aware of this.  So, I just put a new tube of paste and brush into their stockings.   I’ve found clearance prices on chapstick, nail polish, emery boards and other items.  So, they are in my stockpile.  So, shop “at home” before you head to the store.

Avoid Special Packaging

If you are planning on picking up candy, avoid the special packages.  Just because there is a giant M&M on top of the tube, doesn’t make it the only option.  Pick up some regular packages from the checkout lane  and stuff those into the stocking.  Your children probably throw the character into the trash anyhow, so why waste your money?

Search the Dollar Bins

Dollar Stores and Target have bins filled with items that cost just a dollar.  I have found stickers, small toys, pencils and even coloring books for just a dollar.  This is a simple way to find a few more items to stuff into your stockings.

By thinking outside of the box, you can really find some great deals and ideas on what to put inside of your stockings this year — and hopefully still have money left over!

Tracie shares her money saving tips daily at Penny Pinchin’ Mom.  She helped her family eradicate over $37,000 in debt in 27 months.  When not busy saving money, she enjoys raising her 3 children ages 2 – 6.


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