How To: Choose Age Appropriate Gifts

Trying to find the perfect gift this holiday season? Are you shopping for young children? You want to find something age appropriate, entertaining but most importantly – SAFE. When purchasing gifts for small children, here are some tips to consider:

  1.  How old is the child? • Children ages 3 and under are prone to choking on smaller toys, so bigger toys are recommended. Make sure it is bigger then the size of their mouths.
  2. How well is the toy constructed? • All toys are different, make sure their constructed in a way that ensures safety measures have been taken. Kids can be rough on toys and you want to make sure the toy can withstand a ‘beating.’ Stuffed animals may be an appropriate size but ask yourself – does it have eyes or a nose that could potentially be pulled or popped off and cause a chocking hazard?
  3. Is the toy larger than the child’s mouth? • The bigger the toy the less likely it will fit in a child’s mouth. That’s not to say kids won’t try but it eliminates the risk. Instead of LEGOS or matchbox cars; dolls, stuffed animals and books may be a better choice.
  4. What is the recommended age of the product? • U.S. safety standards require toys to have a recommended age that will best enjoy the product. Although you can buy a toy recommended ages 2-5 years for a 6 year old, put this into consideration when purchasing for a 1 year old.

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