10 Things My Son Needs to Know…

William’s first day of school was today… the BIG Kindergarten! Drop-off was pretty straight-forward. William didn’t cry. Shockingly, I didn’t cry either. It was a big moment for him, but he was ready for it. VERY ready for it… so I think that made it much easier for me. We took a ba-zillion photos. I took about 20 minutes worth of video. And my William took it all in stride… I think he’s finally adapted to this “blogging” thing. 😉

After picking him up from school… and hearing about his first day, I thought of 10 things that I hope William realizes about kindergarten!

1. Someday he’ll be wishing 85% of his class consisted of GIRLS! 🙂

2. There is definitely recess next year.

3. He is the only McClelland boy in school right now… enjoy the freedom while it lasts!

4. The pencil sharpener will work soon enough… the teacher promised.

5. I won’t ask to hold your hand to the classroom every single morning…

6. Glad you’re less worried about taking the school bus than I am about you taking it!

7. Aren’t you glad we packed a big snack?

8. I’m glad you knew one person in your class…

9. Sooner or later you will run into Ryan, Carly and Aidan.

10. Tomorrow I’ll pick you up with your 3 brothers… and they’ll see what’s in store for them throughout the next 3 years. 🙂


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