First Day of School

Today William starts Kindergarten. Quite honesty, I can’t believe it. My oldest son is starting school. Real. Big. Boy. School.

He doesn’t understand the rite of passage at hand today. Right now he’s just running around the house chasing Henry… not a nerve in his body about today. He’s ready for it. He’s been ready all summer. He’s excited and has already asked me about 10 times this morning what time school starts. He has been in morning preschool for 3 years, so afternoon kindergarten will be a little different for him.

But this morning, when I woke up… I was thinking. This is where it all begins. These are the kids he will be in school with now… some of them, until senior year of high school! This is where they will meet… this is where friendships will be made that may even had the possibility of lasting a lifetime. Crazy to think that. I still remember my first day of school. Miss Tragar was my teacher. She had curly hair, a beautiful smile and long fingernails. I really remember her fingernails, they were always polished beautifully. I met Faye Lerish and Kari Molvar that year… 2 girls that I was friends with all through high school… and with the emergence of Facebook, I still can keep in touch with now! This is what William has before him today.

I don’t know how the day will unfold (yet). I don’t know if he’ll suddenly get nervous as Matt and I start to leave the classroom. I don’t know if I will cry (or if Matt will). I don’t even know who is teacher is yet (I’ll find out when we head there). All I know is that he’s ready… and truthfully, so am I. I’m just really, really nervous for him.


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