Reusing Maternity Clothing!

I still have maternity clothes hanging in my closet. And it’s not because I’m pregnant. I just love them. I have some items that are absolutely fabulous to wear (and that you can get away with wearing) post-pregnancy. And yes, even 2 years post-pregnancy. Instead of sporting a big, beautiful pregnant belly with certain maternity items, I sport a belt, blazer and/or scarf. There are some true gems that I just didn’t want to part with because they really do work post-pregnancy. Nobody would every guess that the label reads something along the lines of Motherhood Maternity, Liz Lange, Belly Dance Maternity or 2Chix.

It was beyond refreshing to watch a recent episode of Bethenny Getting Married? and see Bethenny (3 weeks post-baby) sporting an adorable white cotton dress with a thick belt that she deemed “a maternity” top.

Now granted… I never, ever looked like that 3 weeks post having any of my sons, but she’s absolutely rocking the maternity top as a dress. I also think that maternity blouses, wraps, cardigans and tunics are wonderful items to keep around as layers. Layering is going to be such a huge trend again this fall and winter, so keep some of these items out and about.

If you’re looking for a top like Bethenny’s –

More Motherhood…ShopStyle


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