Sofia Vergara shines at the Emmys!

Suave gave me the opportunity of a lifetime… head to LA, interview Sofia Vergara and attend the Emmys. OK. Absolutely. When do I leave? As I mentioned yesterday, Sofia worked with Suave Professionals and allowed her fans to vote for her Emmy hair style. Sofia would have looked stunning heading to the Emmys with a ponytail, jeans and a tee… that’s the kind of beauty she exudes. But she did get glamour-ized head-to-toe for the night… Sparkling in a Carolina Herrera gown and dazzling with her Suave Professionals Glamorous Waves, she perfected the red carpet with style, elegance and old-school Hollywood glamour. I was honored that Suave allowed me some time (only 3 hours previous to her red carpet walk!) to chat with Sofia about working with Suave, being a working mom and how she makes it all work and look gorgeous at the same time!

Stay tuned… I have some more Emmy fashion and beauty coverage coming!


Creating the Perfect Ponytail

If you were at our Getting Gorgeous Event in NYC on August 6th, you had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Sarah Potempa! Sarah is a celebrity hair stylist who has worked with celebs like Tiny Fey, Julianne Moore, Anne Hathaway, Brooke Shields, Faith Hill, Patrick Dempsey, Ryan Reynolds and so many, many more! She truly is incredible at hair – she did my hair and Vera’s hair for Getting Gorgeous (seriously) in 45 minutes. What I love even more about Sarah are her personal hair videos on her blog… they are PERFECT for every woman! She gives self-tutorials on different hair styles… I love them! Today I wanted to share the “Perfect Ponytail” by Sarah (since this is all I have been sporting for the last 4 days!).

Carnival Cruise Recap

I just wanted to thank all of you for tweeting me and Facebook messaging me and emailing me to see how my trip went! I appreciate it so very much! As promised, here is a recap of our long-awaited family trip!

Beauty Advice: Getting Rid of Hang Nails

If you’re anything like me, manicures aren’t something that happen everyday. I have tried (once) to take 2 of the boys with me while I get my nails done. Let’s just put it this way, I will never do that again. Even though it actually only took about 30 minutes to get my nails done… it felt like 4 hours for the boys.

Since I need to make solo trips, I usually try to go at least once a month to get my nails done. It doesn’t always happen… but when it does – ahh… perfection! For one week, perfect nails. The other 3 weeks, it’s all me.

The one thing that drives me crazy about nail/hand maintenance are hang nails. Oh, man… I hate them. About 6 weeks ago a friend of mine (thank you, Jill!) recommended I try Melt Away Cuticle Eliminator.

I had been complaining of hang nails long enough, so I figured – what do I have to lose? The only drawback was that the bottle was $20… so, I was hoping (really hoping) it would work.

Well, let me just say. The stuff is incredible! All you have to do is apply a coat to dry nails and you’re done! Melt Away breaks down and softens all of the dead skin cells for gentle cuticle removal… which means there’s no need at all to rip (cringe!). A huge bonus for me – no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP and not animal tested.

We don’t have time to get manicured all the time… so if you’re looking for a quick, pick-me-up – definitely worth investing in Melt Away. Your nails will look fresh and clean. And for moms… that’s about all we want.

The Western Style Blouse

With back-to-school shopping in full-swing right now, trends and styles are popping up everywhere. I love this time of year because every store is bursting with new clothes.

One hot trend right now is the Western Style Blouse.

I this trend because it’s an easy one to pull off. You can pair the blouse with jeans, capris, skirts, shorts and skorts. You can also use it as a cover-up… very easy and very doable. My advice would be pair it with a pair of dark denim jeans or white jeans/pants. It creates a classic look.

Here are some of my favorite Western Style Blouses:

More Joie…


10 Reasons You Know You Need A Vacation

I just finished off a cruise vacation, followed by some media appearances. It’s safe for me to say and openly admit, I so needed a vacation! It was heavenly to be away with all my guys! It got me thinking, there were definitely some signs that told me so! Next time I won’t wait for 2 years to listen!

1. You keep searching for vacation deals.

2. You are suddenly craving sun, a beach chair and salt water.

3. The thought of being disconnected is exhilirating!

4. You’re jealous when your friends are going on vacation.

5. You are picking out outfits you would wear if you were going “away.”

6. Room service puts on a smile on your face.

7. You have bookmarked Disney Vacations.

8. You’d even bring your in-laws along!

9. Cost of a trip away isn’t so much of a nagging issue anymore, you just want to go away!

10. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve been away!


Today we got to head to Half Moon Cay! This island is leased by Carnival Cruise Line for their guests. I have to say… as much as Grand Turk was gorgeous… Half Moon Cay was everything and anything I have ever thought the Caribbean to be. It was – by far – the most magnificent place to be! What I loved about it so much was that it was extremely family-friendly… even with a mini-waterpark for kids. My sons thought they just about hit the jackpot! We spent 4 hours on the beach enjoying the sun, playing in the water, snorkling and relaxing!

And the boys favorite… the cooling hut! Fresh MIST!