Smart Tan

I have always loved a little glow on my cheeks in the summer. But… as I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more aware and much more scared of the sun’s rays. I need to be smart, not only with my sons and husband… but with myself, too. I’ve been scouring for some great “tanning” alternatives this summer. I’ve done the spray… quite frankly, I’m not happy with the streaks I got. It looked good for a day – and then… NOT SO GOOD. My legs looked like they were peeling and I was orange.

So… I got smart and started trying some other things. Seriously… no pun intended, I tried Smart Tan.

Essentially you build you own tan. The Smart Tan Kit comes with:

Start with the Primer! Prime your skin and moisturize away!

Then cover up any skin imperfections with the Concealing Creme. It comes in skin tone shades… so you can match your skin tone perfectly.

Finally use the bronzer on your face (and body if desired) to create a natural glow. This bronzer is amazing! It doesn’t go on too strong, so you can really “build” it on your face as you want to. Just stay away from getting too orangy looking! Big summer fashion don’t!

The BIG KAHUNAS for me:

  • Waterproof
  • Smudge Resistant
  • Long Lasting

I’m VERY happy with my Smart Tan… I love the safe and great alternatives to getting a long lasting tan without damaging it.


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