Men’s Fashion at PITTI

Jenn continues her European fashion summer series this week! I love this post because it’s about men’s fashion. As a mom of 4 boys… and married to a man who loves fashion, I was very intrigued by this post!

Men’s Fashion at PITTI…

Blazers are definitely going to be a huge trend for guys this year, as well as ankle boots! Both are easy to wear with just about anything….jeans, khakis, or chinos. (Especially white pants!) 😉
*Make sure the material of the blazer does not clash with your pants…casual is best for this look!

LOVING white pants on men! It’s definitely a hard look to pull off but if done right, go for it! These men at Pitti sure knew what they were doing! White chinos or jeans with a colored button down or polo, and matching moccasins or you can just stick with your classic black or brown shoes.
*Only wear light tan shoes with white pants (3rd picture) if you have a tan belt or shirt that matches! For warmth (and/or fashion) you can always throw a blazer into the mix as well. 😉

Dark blue jeans (with belt if tucked-in), white button down (tucked-in or out) and moccasins to match belt or add color.

Dark Gray suit with colorful tie and tan oxfords.

Check out ShopStyle Looks for Men by Jenn!


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