Menswear for Women

I thought I’d do a fun post today on menswear that us ladies can get a little use out of! Now – considering the man in my life is 6’2” and I’m 5’ – I have to be a little creative when dispensing this kind of fashion advice.

Sometimes the easiest thing to do is raid your man’s closet…

So what are some things to “borrow?”

Here are my top 3 recommendations:

1. T-shirts. Talk about the perfect sleepwear. You have built in nightgowns/sleep-shirts without having to go out and buy any. I was at Target last week, and there were sleep-shirts on sale for $9, honestly… it was like wearing one of my husband’s tees. It was just as long. It was just as big and comfy. And it was just as soft. My husband has an affinity for Hanes white tees… his tees (sorry, sweetie!) are now moonlighting as my tees to sleep in.

2. Button-downs… there are 2 things you can use his button-downs – beach cover-ups and maternity wear. Last summer I did this and it was perfect, I grabbed some of Matt’s light blue button-downs, not his super dressy ones… but a couple that he had in there for more causal occasions, and used them as beach cover-ups on the beach. They were awesome! Not to mention… they can save you some money. Maternity wise, borrowing your man’s shirt is a great option. Even though it won’t fit to your exact form, it’s still comfy to toss on, un-buttoned and wear out and about. Hey… it’s in the closet, so why not use it – right?

3. Undies… I’m sure you’re thinking – WHAT!? But wait, think Carrie Bradshaw.

She did something in one episode that was classic. She wore men’s briefs to bed. It was absolutely Sex and the City fashion-fabulousness… but I thought it was very clever of Patricia Field to do that. This one may be a little more a stab in the dark, but you it’s a fun one! 😉


Getting Gorgeous Events

How many Flower Shows… Home Shows… Boat Shows… Bridal Shows… Baby Expos and Business Expos have you been to or heard of? Living in the smallest state – Rhode Island – there is always something going on in Providence. I can imagine it’s the same in most cities across the country.

BUT… what about fashion and beauty for moms? And I’m not just talking a quick “Girl’s Night Out”… I’m talking – meet the brands, try products, learn about particular products and leave with some pretty cool fashion/beauty info (and SWAG!).

Now… that’s what I’m talking about.

Armed with one of my best friend’s, Vera Sweeney – we’re bringing fashion and beauty events to MOMS through Getting Gorgeous Events.

Getting Gorgeous Events are about all fashion, beauty and style for the everyday Mom. We want to give moms an opportunity to relax, be pampered and (well…) get gorgeous. It’s not something us moms (Vera and I have 6 kids between the 2 of us!) get the chance to do very often. We want to bring a little fun and fashion and beauty to moms!

Getting Gorgeous Events will launch with on Friday, August 6th in the heart of New York City. Three-Hundred and Fifty mom, fashion and beauty bloggers will be invited to the launch of Getting Gorgeous. Women will have the opportunity to try out new products and get ready for their NYC weekend. Sponsors will have the opportunity to host product displays, demonstrations, supply on-site stylists, and mingle with other women bloggers.

We will be updating as we go as to some fun details – I’m excited to let you know about one of our sponsors – Miraclebody!

I’m a HUGE fan… anything that flatters you and is denim is beyond incredible. (Oh, and makes you look 10 pounds lighter!) We feel so lucky to have Miraclebody on-board for our first event… and they will be having the-one-and-only Robert Verdi there fitting bloggers and giving away jeans! It doesn’t get any better than that!

We are going to be taking Getting Gorgeous on the road throughout 2011! We’re beyond excited and would love your support!

If you’re interested in an invite to the NYC event on August 6th, email me – Audrey [at] MomGenerations [dot] com.

4 Must Have Looks for this Summer as seen in Europe

‘m VERY lucky at Totsy to have an amazing (I mean, AMAZING!) Marketing Assistant, Jenn. She’s wonderful and full of great ideas. Jenn recently had the incredible opportunity to go to Europe for a month long trip with her college. The experience was priceless! Jenn had a wonderful time and got to see so many sights in Europe. Jenn is going to be blogging some of her experiences from her European trip… and of course, they’ll be mostly about FASHION! Here is one of Jenn’s first posts…

4 Must Have Looks for this Summer as seen in Europe:

We all know Europe’s trends are more advanced than here in the U.S. We’d like to say that we’re adventurous but in most cases Europeans did it first (that’s how we know it’ll stick!) I must say I was hesitant to believe this at first too but if fashion school had taught me anything (which it had) going to Europe sure made me a believer! Having just returned from my extravagant trip to London, Paris and Florence I saw hundreds of people walking the streets in outfits I thought were meant for going out in or runway shows but no, this is how they dressed every day! To make it easier for us to wear in the States I will give you the basics…but please be adventurous!

1. Trousers – Top Shop Twill Tapered Trousers $70.00

Now I know what you may be thinking but give them a try. They are supposed to be baggy around your hips and slowly get tighter towards your ankles. On the hanger they do not look that appealing but try them on! Me in Paris with my Trousers from Zara

2. Playsuits

Or in the States we like to refer to them as a romper. Dress them up or down! They are comfy and so stylish for the hot summer days.
Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent CoutureCandy $275
3. Summer Lace

I always see a lot of lace trends popping up through the winter months, but in London and Paris, everywhere I looked there was lace!

Here are some summer suggestions:

Woman in Florence at the Pitti Trade Show with White Lace Tank (cute outfit altogether!)
Express Lace Shark Bite Dolman Tee $39.50

Top Shop Lace Flapper Front Vest $65.00
Awake Lace-Overlay Necklace-Detail Tank $79.00

4. Boots or HIGH Heels (no in-between):

Either women were wearing super high heels or flat oxford or combat boots. You can decide which bodes well with your feet! 😉

Men can wear them, too! Man walking the streets outside of Pitti
Urban Outfitters Chelsea Crew Classic Oxford Flat $58.00
Jessica Simpson Collection Junie $89.00 MEW! As Seen on Jessica!

Free People Trench Boot $298.00

Lands’ End Slim and Husky Line

One of my girlfriend’s lives and breathes for Lands’ End Slim and Husky Styles for her sons. Her sons are on the slim side and it’s incredibly difficult for her to find clothing that fit them well. She recommended I look at this line to share on Mom Generations – I have to say, I think it’s phenomenal!

Not all kids are created the same… I love that Lands’ End embraces this notion and has created clothing for every child… every. single. child.

This is the beauty in Lands’ End sizes…

patemm ROUND Diaper Changing Pads

I remember when I first heard of patemm diaper changing pads. It was in the ladies room on the 2nd floor of Nordstrom at the Providence Place Mall. I was pregnant with Benjamin. There was a lady breastfeeding in there, and I was trying to wrangle 2 little boys into the bathroom to change them. As I laid out my square diaper changing pad, Alexander kept rolling to the side and kept touching his little bum-bum on the floor. It was grossing me out. I was trying to lay wet wipes on the floor next to him so if he did it again, he would be wet wiped “sanitized.” The woman breastfeeding casually asked me if I had heard of the patemm diaper changing pads, and I hadn’t. I just remember her saying to me, “you need one.” And that was it. That was how my love affair with patemm began. I don’t think it would surprise anyone to hear that the amazing patemm, a round diaper changing pad, was invented by a mom (the amazing Grace Welch!). I’m not kidding when I say this… Grace made diaper changing EASY. She did… she truly revolutionized the process. The roundness – what’s so incredible is that you can place your baby in any direction. You don’t have to worry (like I had to with my Alex) about wiggly and squirmy babies! There’s no worrying. They stay in the “zone.” Plus (as you’ll see in my video) there’s the inside pockets to store everything! Let’s talk the fashion side of things… because, after all… even though these are 100% functional for moms, they are also 100% fashionable, too! The collections are amazing – they’re stylish, chic and beautiful. They’re the perfect practical (and essential) accessory for your diaper bag. Check out some of these gorgeous colors they are available in – The convenience and ease is remarkable… I want to show you how fast I can fold-up and go with my patemm…

I can’t say enough. If you’re pregnant, you need one. If you have kids, you need one. If you know someone who is pregnant – this is the perfect gift! And if you are a mom… and a patemm lover already… you know exactly what I mean when I say, “you need one.” *Plus – there’s an organic collection!

Strollin’ with my Maclaren Techno XLR

There are some essentials you need as a mom. A stroller is one of them. After having 4 children… I can say, I know a thing or two about strollers. I think with strollers it comes down to one thing for me – can it grow with my child (stand the test of time)? If it’s going to do stand up to the test of time that means it’s high-quality, easy-to-use and absolutely (positively) convenient for me to lug/push/stroll around. Maclaren’s Techno XLR is my main “man” stroller. I have been using this stroller for some time now and I absolutely love it. It works for my family of 4 boys. Even though it’s “Henry’s” stroller, everyone has been in it and used it. It’s funny because it’s my William (he’s 5 years old) who wants to be in it the most. As a mom, you have to love a stroller that fits your 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old sons in it perfectly. I don’t have to adjust the seat. I don’t have to fix anything. Not to mention, the seat is like a lounge chair because it’s quilted – talk about sitting down and not wanting to get up (so I kind of get where William is coming from)! I know I mentioned (for me) that the most important feature is growing with your child… what is so cool about the Techno XLR is that truly does grow with your child. It comes with a car sear adapter, so you can use this as your buggy stroller system. From birth till your child is going into kindergarten (or approximately 55 lbs), this will stay in your family. Plus, the fashion side of me loves loves loves the reversible seat liners. These have been my saving grace with Henry… they’re machine washable! They attach as easily as they detach. If Henry gets anything on it, all I have to do is take it off, pop it in the wash and then we’re good to go! I can change up the look of my stroller instantly with the different options they have available. It’s that easy. But enough what me writing… let me SHOW you my Techno XLR in action!

Celebrity Mom Style: Sarah Michelle Gellar

I’ve always been a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s so cute. She’s an amazing actress. She seems like a wonderful and supportive wife. And now she’s a mom to a beautiful little baby girl, Charlotte. I saw this photo of her and her mother taken a month ago… look at how fabulous she looks. What I like even more about Sarah is the fact she’s 5 feet. I love that about her… probably because I am, too! It’s not easy to dress when you’re short, you need to make sure clothing fits you well. I thought she look stunning in this laid-back leggings look.

How can you get her look?

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