Tips for Being Green Fasionista

Being Earth Month, I wanted to pass along some fabulous tips for staying “GREEN” in a fashion sense. There are so many amazing things that you and your family can be doing throughout the month of April to instill and educate each other on ways to save the Earth. I have really taken an approach with my own sons in taking a Sylvania Earth Day Challenge. We are committing to making energy-efficient actions this month, and it’s been an amazing eye-opener for us. My sons are having a blast with it, and we’re enjoying the time we’re spending with the TV off and the video games “put to bed.”
But where’s the fashion sense? How is it possible to be GREEN and FASHIONABLE?

Well, it is possible. You just need to make some changes in your fashion buying and thinking. I promise – you will still feel and look gorgeous!

Here are my Tips for Be a GREEN Fashionista:

1. Purchase 100% Organic Cotton Clothing. I’m not kidding… organic cotton is the softest in the world!

2. Recycle Clothing with your friends and/or buy vintage. It’s a way to reuse clothing over and over again.

3. Purchase Clothing made out of Recycled Materials. H&M has a FABULOUS dress made out of recycled water bottles! It’s amazing.

4. Purchase 100% Organic Makeup. There are some incredible lines out there. My personal favorite is: Nvey

5. Try out some Organic Denim. Believe it or not… there are some SPECTACULAR Orgainc Denim Choices. My personal favorite is: Seven for All Mankind.


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