Easter Outfits for BOYS

I’m in the process of doing this right now! Well… getting 4 Easter Outfits for Boys. We celebrate the Easter holiday, and it’s important that the boys get dressed up and all-so-handsome for our Easter celebration with our family. With boys, many people just think a “blah” suit, but you really can have some fun!

Here are 5 Easter Outfits for Boys:

1. Prepped ‘n Perfect at Children’s Place
This classically-cool and “dapper” outfit from Children’s Place is adorable. I love the blues and yellows… and the vest is just perfection. Boys always look smashing in outfits like this!

2. Classic Easter Outfit from The Wooden Soldier
Blue Bunny Plaid is a total call-back to old-school traditional Easter outfits. I love the mixing and the matching. I think it’s such an incredible and cute way to dress your son for the festivities!

3. Blue Seersucker Suit from Cookies Kids
Seesucker is so fabulous for Easter. It’s got the elegance and classic-ness that every little man needs and looks good. You can’t go wrong with Seesucker!

4. Chic Suit from J.CrewA little fashionisto in your home? Go with something a little more chic and hip from J.Crew. Not the traditional Easter wear… but oh-so-fabulous in its own right!

5. Junior Gentleman at J.Crew
There’s nothing wrong with a tie! Ladies… watch your sons in this dapper outfit from J.Crew. Handsome, chic and classic… your little man will be a gentleman in this attire!


Mother’s Day Twitter Party – Monday, April 5th at 9PM (EST)

Totsy Mother’s Day Twitter Party!

When: Monday, April 5th at 9PM (EST)


We’re so excited to be hosting a Twitter Party on Monday night in honor of Mother’s Day!

(Mother’s Day already?)


Let’s celebrate in style together as we prepare our “wish list” for Mother’s Day! We have some fabulous sales starting next week! And by ordering now… you’ll have them in time for Mother’s Day!

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We’re talking fashion and style! We’re talking Mother’s Day plans! We’re talking what-a-mom-wants!

BUT the BEST NEWS! We’re giving away a stroller from Teutonia! That’s right ladies! Our GRAND prize is a STROLLER! Amazing, right!?(Sneak peak!)

Relax and enjoy an hour with us… !

Leave us a comment saying if you’ll be attending!

Designer Easter Dresses for Girls

For those who celebrate Easter, it’s right around the corner. It also means it’s time to get some beautiful Easter outfits. When I was a little girl, I remember my mother taking me and my sister to go get our “Easter outfits.” We would search for hours, and then finally find “the” one. Both my sister and I would dress alike… they were always pastel colored dresses, with white tights.

If you’re looking for some fabulous Easter clothing for the Girls in your life, check out:

1. Tiffany Blue Girls Dress from CutieClothes.com
LinkLinkThis spectacular Easter dress is just stunning. The colors are soft, elegant and sophisticated. It has the perfect mix of cuteness and girly-ness. I especially love the flower!

2. White Tulle Dress from US AngelsThese white tulle dresses with the adorable pink flower touch are just incredible. Talk about walking into Easter brunch and having everyone turn their head. I absolutely love the fabulousness of this dress.

3. Bea Dress from J. CrewThe yellow in this dress grabbed me. I love the accent of the pink bow. The words that come to mind when I see this dress are classically cool. And it’s SO versatile… weddings, special parties, holidays, etc.

4. Brown Easter Dress at Sophia’s StyleHere’s a funky approach to an Easter dress. I love the brown with the polka dots and pink. It really is very stylish and fashionable with a touch of sweetness.

5. Lilac Embroidered Dress at Pink Princess
Truly look like an Easter Princess in this gorgeous Lilac dress. Absolutely stunning and oh-so-chic. The purple long bow in the front truly makes the outfit.

Spring Fashion Alert: Bright Colors for Kids

Spring Fashion Alert: Bright Colors for Kids.

What kinds of colors? Oranges and yellows!

The color orange is popping up all over the place this spring. I’m not too surprised, orange is such a beautiful color. It’s full of energy and brightness. Who wouldn’t want to dress their child in some oranges? What I love about seeing the color orange is that it exudes happiness. You can’t help but look at the color and feel a little more relaxed, a little more happy and a little more cheerful!The color yellow is just amazing! Yellow, like the sun… it so gets you in the mood for spring and summer. Yellow is the brightest color of all… it just soothes and comforts. I love the color yellow because it brings a sense of fun and excitement to an outfit. It adds some dimension and freshness. You don’t have to dress your child in yellow from head-to-toe, just add some splashes and dashes here and there.

Mom Blogger Feature: Marie LeBaron from Make and Takes

Marie is the founder and editor of Make and Takes, a top rated parenting blog featuring kids crafts, home crafts, recipes, and parenting tips. She graduated with an Early Childhood and Elementary teaching degree, where she taught kindergarten for 4 years. She’s now a stay-at-home mom of 3 goofy children and one computer geek husband, living in Salt Lake City. When she’s not crafting, she loves to run, read, and blog!

What one word best describes your current state of mind?

Party! I love a good party, love to have fun, and love to make things happen. So I’m going with the word, party, as life should be one big party!

Tell us how you organize all your craft supplies?

Lots and lots of clear plastic tubs. I have one for almost everything. I like them clear so I can see what’s inside, and they are perfect for stacking.

How do you take such great pictures all the time?
It’s taken me a lot of practice and education. About 2 years ago, I bought a nice camera, which is a really good investment. But, the trick is to learn how to use it. I took a photography class to learn what all the buttons do and it’s been life changing. I set up the shot, let the camera do it’s thing, and now I spend less time editing, as I’ve learned how to take a pretty good picture.

What term or phrase do you most overuse?
Ha, this is a funny question! I’m always saying, “ya know?”

What things should a beginning crafter pick up to get started?
10 years ago I wanted to learn how to cross-stitch. So I bought one of those little tiny cross-stitch kits that you can buy at the dollar store. It has everything you need in the kit, thread, needle, fabric, instructions. And it was only a dollar, so you can’t lose. I loved my little stitchery so much when I was finished, that I really got into it and loved primitive stitchery. That really catapulted sewing, card making, and a lot of other home crafts.

What 5 items do you think that new moms can’t do without?
Wet wipes, constantly filled container of cheerios for on the go, fridge magnets, DVR, chocolate.

What do you do in your precious down time to recharge your batteries?
I love to watch the tv shows I’ve recorded on my DVR! The kids are in bed, no emails to check, it’s just me and the final season of LOST. Ahhhh.

What are you currently reading?
The final book in the Fablehaven series, I’m a huge science fiction/fantasy geek.

What celebrity best represents your personal style?

I love Jennifer Garner. I think she’s got a great style and wish I could look as cool as her being a double agent, you know, with the pink or blue wigs 😉

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Current projects that have you engaged and excited:
I’m painting my house. I’ve lived in my house for 5 years with white walls. I’m excited to get some color on them! We’re choosing some grays and blues. I can’t wait to see it all finished!

Jennifer Garner’s Look

Most moms identify with Jennifer Garner’s style because of its ease, functionality and comfort level. She actually looks like she mothers. It’s easy to see her as “real” when you see her carrying her daughter, holding a lunch box and apparently running to somewhere important (most likely school!). She may be America’s sweetheart… but she’s also a mom to 2 little girls and a wife (yes… even if it’s to Hollywood hottie Ben Affleck!).

Get Her look:

Plaid Ruffle Blouse: Dillards $12.00
White Tee – Hanes $9
Dark Bootcut Denim – Old Navy $34
Running Sneakers – Nike’s at Kohl’s $69.99 

Top Outside Spring Activities

Outdoor activities throughout the Spring are the best kind. It’s wonderful to enjoy the sunshine, breath in the air and watch the flowers start to bloom. There’s nothing like this time of year! Many moms are searching for outside activities to do with their children. Moms want their kids to have fun, keep themselves busy and (the best part) learn something (sometimes without knowing!).

Here are some fabulous Outdoor Spring Activities to do with your kids:

1. Plant some flower seeds. It’s wonderful to get your kids in the dirt… get them digging, and then have them bury some seeds. We did this last year, and every single day my sons would run outside to see if anything had to started to grow yet. It taught patience (for sure!)… but it also showed them the beauty that comes from planting some flower seeds. About 8 weeks later we ended up seeing the “fruit” of our labor.

2. Treasure hunts. Every child loves to go on a treasure hunt. Create 10-12 clues to different areas in your backyard. Have your children go from place-to-place, picking up a new clue at each destination. At the end of the hunt have something fabulous waiting for them! Cookies. Toys. Cold drinks. There has to be some sort of treasure at the end of a hunt!

3. Freeze tag. I don’t know what it is, but this game always seems to be a big hit. Someone’s “it” and it’s up to that particular person to “freeze” everyone playing. This was just recently played at a birthday party we were at and the kids laughed and laughed and laughed away while they ran around and played. Activities that keep them moving and fabulous!

4. Chalk the driveway. We always have a barrel of sidewalk chalk ready for use in the spring. It’s so much fun to get your kids out there and drawing, writing and doodling on the sidewalk, in your driveway and along your walkways. My sons LOVE tracing each other and seeing how big they are.