Featured Mom – Stacie Haight Connerty

Stacie Haight Connerty, is the mother of three children, lives in Atlanta plus is a nationally published writer/author/editor for a variety of magazines, blogs and online publications. She just has her own blog called The Divine Miss Mommy where you can find the latest products reviewed, fabulous giveaways and stories about her family. And she’s the amazing Beauty and Fashion editor at Type-A Mom.

I have been a fan of Stacie for awhile now! We met for the first time (for real) this past summer at BlogHer – and then at the T.J.Maxx sponsored trip in Boston, MA immediately following BlogHer. She’s funny and witty and smart and just an amazing, amazing woman! I am so excited to feature her on Totsy today!

What one word best describes your current state of mind?

Frazzled. I am always behind and playing catch up.

What TV household does your family most resemble?

Brady Bunch – we even live in the Brady Bunch house (everyone calls it that)

What term or phrase do you most overuse?

I say “absolutely” a lot but I overuse a lot of terms. I am a very passionate person so there are things that I say all of the time.

What are the five things/items you think that new moms (parents) can’t do without (sanity savers)?
Babysitter (just someone that you feel comfortable leaving your child with)
Time Outs (for Mom & Dad)
Pacifier (for Baby and Vodka for the Parents pacifier)
Great, Stylish diaper that carries everything
A Good Breast Pump (this can give you so much freedom)
Family photos – best tips for getting kids to pose vs. fighting, making faces, running away?

We have phrases that the kids say instead of cheese that always brings a smile. A lot of times they say “Cheese Marble Pizza.” Sometimes we make things up and it almost always makes them laugh. The other day we said “Daddy has stinky feet” and I got some great shots of them laughing.

My other tip is not go for poses. My most favorite pictures of my kids are not posed. They are just candid shots from a time when I grabbed the camera and started shooting.

What songs and/or books have worked best for bedtime?

We have been doing kid yoga the past several weeks and my kids are loving it. It is really fun and different.

How many miles (of driving duty) have you logged in the past week?

I have been pretty lucky this past week. My husband takes the kids to school every day and I pick them up in carpool plus one trip to my sisters house so around 50 miles.

One thing you want for yourself this year?

I started a great weight loss program last year and I want to continue it this year. It is more about changing my lifestyle and being around a little longer to annoy my children.

What celebrity best describes your personal style?

Angelina Jolie – but only the black, yoga pants, monotone colors, dark sunglasses wearing version of her.
Best parenting resource you would recommend?

Online mom’s forums. I found a local one and it literally saved my sanity after the birth of my son. I could ask question at any time and get great answers. I also found fabulous play groups and made some really amazing friends.

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Current projects that have you engaged and excited:

Last year I co-founded The Product Review Place and it has really taken off. One of our goals is to really help out new bloggers when it comes to review. Everything from pitch letters to writing a good review. It is really fun and a great place.


Get Her Look: Kate Moss

Kate Moss made her mark in America by modeling. She was Calvin Klein’s “break-out” star in the 1990’s. I remember seeing her in fashion magazines, on billboards and on TV commercials. When she became a mother, we all got to see another side of the “supermodel.” We got to see her as MOM. One thing about Kate Moss… her style is always evolving. I may not always agree with her fashion choices, but she sure does always look the part of the for-ever-and-ever fashionista. When I saw this photo of her, leaving her London home… I have to say – I fell in love with the laid-back, casualness of her outfit.
Get Her Look –

Long White Blazer – New York & Company $27.98
Light Gray Tunic – Newport News $17.99
Destroyed Denim – Express $88
Shearling Boots – Steve Madden $82.00
Oversized Sunglasses – Topshop $18.00

Wordless Wednesday: Warm Weather Trends

Models: Vacationing Kids
Location: Atlantis Resort, Bahamas

What models are wearing: Pink seersucker shorts from Vineyard Vines and Kiwi St. Tropez shirt our lady model is wearing the latest in pink beads.

Why I loved it: Pretty in pink is the theme for this photo essay.  Fashions for kids should be fun and colorful at the beach.  The young man looks comfortable AND stylish in his togs.  For her the pink hair beads are a fresh and flirty accessory.

Classics for your Children

Each year, right around this time… shopping is just INSANE. There are sales and deals everywhere (including on Totsy!). This is the time of year I do most of my back-to-school shopping for the boys. I like to make sure they each get a few new and special items… but I always go a little “crazy” on my oldest son, William. After all – he is the oldest, and from him… most of the clothes are passed down from brother to brother to brother. I don’t mind investing in “essential” items, if I know they are going to last, and stand up to the test of time. I also make sure I’m stocking up on classic pieces. With boys – it’s a little easier, the trends and styles aren’t as “visible” as they are with girls clothing. In looking through the sale racks this past weekend, it was evident that ruffles and leggings where a BIG HIT this fall/winter for girls. (And there’s tons left!)

I’m always asked by mothers, “What do you consider classics for boys?”

This is what I consider classic pieces:

Crewneck Sweaters – solid or stripe. Boys always need sweaters. There’s nothing more classic and essential as your basic crewneck.
L/S Polo Tees – solid or stripe. My sons LOVE wearing these. And again… these never go out of style.Button Down Dress Shirts – Boys need to dress up… whether it’s for a holiday, school photo time… or just for FUN! Denim. Go CRAZY with the denim. My sons go through a pair of jeans so fast. It never ceases to amaze me. I stocked UP this past weekend.

Outerwear. I’m telling you, if you can find any coats/jackets/fleeces that fit your children that are on sale – GO FOR IT! Always needed… always amazing to find on sale!

Luxury Family Vacations

Luxury family resorts have to deliver great service and plenty of family fun to get my seal of approval. If the winter is starting to get to you and you’re looking for a warm-weather getaway for your crew, consider heading to Atlantis—the land of sandy beaches and warm service.

Jet Blue, Lego and The Atlantis resort recently flew a team of journalists and bloggers to  Paradise Island in the Bahamas. Jet Blue wowed us with the ability to turn air travel into another enjoyable aspect of travel, not something to be simply endured.

Once we arrived we were treated to tons of Lego fun as we made our way around the property, but the big enticement was the wet stuff. The resort boasts twenty pools and enough water slides to keep your kids soaked and happy for days.

If you’ve got the typical busy modern family this is a wonderful getaway. Start the day with the kids with water slides and splash time and then steal a few moments of adult time later in the day while your kids are blissfully entertained at the brand new Atlantis Kids Club. Arts, cooking, video games, music can more this kids-only space is a dream for kid and parent alike. You can drop the kids off guilt-free as you head to an adults only dinner at Nobu or the casino.

Overall I was thrilled with the water attractions and the entertainment. The dolphin experience (though pricey) is a can’t miss opportunity to get up close and personal with these amazing animals. The property is also dotted with aquariums at every turn you’ll get to peer at sharks and coral fish. There is never a dull moment at this resort.

Meet the Moms: Latham Thomas

Trying to find a bit of zen and calm this year?  Busy parents would do well to connect with Latham (HHC, AADP, RYT). This Columbia grad and single mama is the mastermind behind Tender Shoots Wellnesss, a yogi, chef and health advisor. In her words, she tries to help moms by providing, “nutrition awareness, yoga, green culinary arts and plant medicine.” She’s one of the most connected and generous women in the world of yoga and parenting—we advise you get to know her better.

Any resolutions for the new year? My resolution is to take more time for myself, hence my trip to Tulum, Mexico next week! Mama needs a dip in the ocean and some sunshine.

What are your tips for finding a bit of calm as a busy mom? Keep your inspiration in your back pocket- whatever it is you love to do- knitting, jump rope, photography etc- if you make time for your passion on a regular basis you will get that much needed respite and feel more calm.

Get out and exercise- if that’s putting a yoga mat on your living room floor and stretching it out, taking a jog outdoors, or taking a cool group exercise class at the gym- just do it. Exercise releases endorphins into the blood stream, activates your relaxation response and helps you to chill out! I recently tried a class with fitness guru Patricia Moreno- IntenSati and there were tons of mothers in class shouting affirmations while moving to the rhythm.

Breathe deeply- in through the nose, feel it deep in the belly- this helps me calm down right away when I feel myself starting to get stressed.

Best at home yoga dvd’s or podcast?
Transform yourself with Jivamukti yoga– DVD, Be You. tv- www.beyou.tv– over 250 exercise videos online. A great resource for moms who don’t want to invest in dvds, but wants a varied practice. There is always something new to discover.

Favorite spot for a winter playdate with your son?
This is a toss up, its a tie between Natural History Museum, and Moomah Cafe (161 Hudson). They have these do-it-yourself art tables where you and the little ones can engage in an instant art activity, have a healthy bite to eat, and stay cozy while avoiding the Jack Frost. The decor is gorgeous there as well.

What are some good resources for single moms?
Issa Mas’s blog SIngle Mama NYC is great- www.singlemamanyc.com. I think Thebump.com has some great resources, Yoursingleparenting.com, also Realbirth offers single mother support groups which is a great way to meet other mamas raising their cubs in the big city.

Where do you shop for chic yoga gear (you always look so cool!)? Thank you! I love Hyde Yoga—, they make organic yoga apparel that is hip, comfortable and good for the planet. I love their colors, I’m a big fan of bright colors!

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Current Projects: Raw Abundance Wellness Retreat- at Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Bahamas with Latham Thomas  May 3rd-5th, 2010 Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Nassau Bahamas.  I’ll be leading a three day journey into the cleansing and healing benefits of raw food. You’ll take home a recipe packet and practical tools to help jump start your raw diet and improve your health. For more details on course information, flight, accommodations, and more CLICK HERE

Get Her Look: Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen.

Maybe it’s because I have a “thing” for moms of all boys… wink, wink. Or because she’s a fellow Brown Alum… double wink, wink. I just have always loved Julie Bowen. I was a huge “Ed” watcher in the day. I never missed any episode. Then I love love loved her on “Boston Legal.” She is truly one of those actresses that can do serious, that can do romance, that can do comedy… and be really, really good at it. Julie gave birth to twin sons, John and Gus this past May. That brought her boy total up to 3 sons… all 2 and under. Do you see why I love this girl? And every time I see photos of her, she’s smiling… she’s glowing… she’s happy. She’s got that mom-happy-glow.

This photo just really leaped off the screen for me. I love this color on her… and I adore the earrings.

Get Julie’s Look:

Silk Top: Top Shop $70
Tweed Pant: Kohl’s $21
Earrings: Kohl’s $8