Holiday Gift Guide for BOYS

It’s Holiday time! This is for me, hands down… the best time of year! I love the Holiday music playing. I love seeing the beautiful decorations throughout our home. I love the deliciousness of sweets and treats. And I love Holiday shopping…especially for my sons! Each of them have their own personality… likes and dislikes… and wish lists. I’ve come to know BOY gifts very well over the last 5 years.

Yesterday Nicole gave you her Top Picks for GIRL gifts… they were all fabulous and oh-so-precious. She definitely knows girls!

Today it’s all about the BOYS. Here are some suggestions for the boys in your life:

Eli’s Lids – I am absolutely in love with these hats. They are super-cute for your little “men!” The different styles are essential – surfer, rocker, snowboarder. Your son will be “rocking” in these amazing hats. A surf-boarding rocker! ($19.99)
Spider-Man Bike – Nothing will have your son more excited! Spider-Man is the “man”… so imagine a bike with webs and decals all over it! ($69.99)
Kids Samba Sneakers – My sons can’t get enough of Samba sneakers. All the boys are wearing them to kids soccer and kids t-ball. They look so precious in the KID sizes. Total must-have for the sporty boy. ($47.99)

Crew Cuts. A classic cable knit sweater is essential for any boy. Crew Cuts has the most stunning and luxurious cashmere cable knit sweaters. They come in a variety of colors… and truly last and last and last. For the little “fashionto” in your life, bring on the cable knit! ($68.00)
Myself Belts – Every little boy wants a belt, it makes them feel like big boys. I love the belts at Myself Belts because they’re easy and “doable” for your little man. They come in so many different designs – flags, dinosaurs, cars, construction, even personalized! My sons LOVE these! ($14.95)
Suspenders – The cutest little manly trend around! Paired with a button-down, the most edible outfit in the world. ($10.50)

The Environmentalist:
Simple Shoes, Noodle. There’s nothing better than eco-friendly and washable shoes! I absolutely love Simple Shoes… but I just cannot get over the cuteness of the Noodle! ($40.00)
Natural Wooden Bi-Plane – Your son will love flying this exquisite plane from The Playstore around the house. Durable, fabulous quality, made of maple. Hours of imagination play with this plane! ($64.95)
Natural Playful World Finger Puppets
– Let your son’s playtime be filled with wonder and delight! These finger puppets are so much fun (and so adorable!) from Land of Nod. ($8.95/each)

Playkraft Activity Center – Every artist needs a workstation. This Activity Center has 3 stools, 3 storage buckets and plenty of “desk” space. Let their artistic abilities soar here! ($229.99)
Play-Doh Super Craft Caddy – This is the ultimate in Play-Doh! Create, sculpt, mold, cut and roll Play-Doh! The artist within “you” will love this one, too! ($19.99)
Crayon Maker – Turn crayons bits and pieces into “new” crayons in crazy color combinations! ($32.99)

Super Hero CapesStringbean Company offers the most adorable Super Hero Capes for boys! Let them run and be the “hero” they want to be! ($29.50)
Black Baby Grand Piano by Schoehut – Music loving kids!? Unite! This baby piano is the best of the best! Sing and create some beautiful music. ($149.99)
Magician Costume – Let the inner magician perform some amazing tricks for the whole family! You’ll be amazed as to the power of this costume! ($29.99)


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